10 Autumn Dishes You Have To Try Out

The days of sunglasses, sunshine, beach balls and lemonade-stands have once again come to a close with the end of summer. School is back in session and our tongues crave something festive to warm our stomachs for the long winter ahead.

From Halloween to Thanksgiving, the foods we eat can become a bit routine — eating the same pumpkin and turkey treats year-after-year. So here are 10 autumn dishes you absolutely have to try, especially if you’re looking to find a new fall favorite.

Pumpkin Spice Waffles

Instead of baking the same old pumpkin muffins, try converting your recipe into a waffle mix. Enjoy these for breakfast with some smokey bacon and maple syrup.


Pecan Pie Cookies

These pecan pie cookies have a thin, flaky crust with a layer of delicious nutty-caramel pecan pie filling. If you like pecans, these are the perfect treats to bake on a cozy autumn day.


Fall Breakfast Hash

What’s a perfect way to start the day? Breakfast. This butternut squash and sweet onions hash, mixed with healthy turkey bacon and runny fried eggs is so good, you’ll want seconds when it’s dinner time.


Apple Pie Fries

For those with a passion for french fries, this recipe will rock your world. These apple glazed fries, sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar, dunked in a creamy caramel dip are sure to curve your sweet tooth.


Turkey Pot Pie

Pot pie is delicious. Turkey is amazing. Put them together and you get a delicious and amazing fall themed food. You can add this recipe to the list of items to make with your leftover Turkey from Thanksgiving.


Butternut Squash Black Bean Enchiladas

Although there’s nothing wrong with classic beef, bean, cheese and rice enchiladas, switching up the ingredients can make them interesting again. These butternut squash black bean enchiladas are the most exciting autumn dish to try this fall.


Fluffy Pumpkin Pie Dip

This pumpkin pie dip gives a fluffy no-bake dip all the fall flavor you could want. A rich creamy base mixed with warm spices makes this pumpkin dip perfect for bananas, apples and more.


Orange Butter Cream Oreo Brownies

What’s the color of fall? Orange. What tastes great in chocolate? Oranges. These Oreo treats look and taste like autumn, and everyone could use another excuse to eat brownies.


Fall Muddy Buddy Mix

These candy corn muddy buddies are the perfect Halloween movie snack. When you’re feeling festive, throw together a bowl of these fall Chex mix, put on that costume that’s been your closet since your freshman year, and pull up The Addams Family.


Caramel Apple Cider

When it comes to a fall drink that’s both festive and delicious, there are fewer options than you’d think, especially if pumpkin spice hot chocolate isn’t really your “cup-of-tea.” This caramel apple cider is a great alternative and will get you in the mood for one of our other top 10 autumn dishes.


Give One A Try

Ultimately, there are foods for every season, but sometimes we need a little diversity in our festive treats. Hopefully, you can find something that makes your mouth water on this list. Let us know what you like best!