10 Items To Have For The Delivery Room

Stressing about being prepared for the big day? It can be super easy to over pack especially for a day as important as this for new mothers. It is important to know what the essentials are so that you don’t pack too much and overcrowd your already small hospital room. This list is going to help you know what the must haves are, then you can add a couple of your own wants or needs to make yourself as comfortable, prepared and happy as possible for this big day!


  1. An outfit for your hospital stay.

Granted, most of the time you will be in a gown but you will want to have a comfortable outfit you can wear when you are not wearing the gown especially if you plan on having people come in and visit once the baby is born.


  1. Going home outfit for the baby.

This is a must have and something that is one of the more exciting things to have in your bag!


  1. Car seat.

This is important because you want to not only have something to carry your baby out in, but you want to make sure they are going to be safe on the car ride back to the house!


  1. Snacks/Energy bars.

A lot of the time you have no idea how long you are going to be at the hospital for, so you want to be prepared with some snacks or energy bars to keep your energy level up.


  1. Water Bottle.

Another important thing is to stay hydrated during labor. Having a water bottle close will keep you from having to get up and get water on different occasions.


  1. Phone Charger.

You want to make sure your phone is charged so that you are able to stay in touch with family and friends and let them know how everything is going.


  1. Chap stick.

When you are in labor you are breathing out of your mouth a lot which is going to eventually dry out your lips. Having chap stick available can help your lips from getting so dry they start to crack and become uncomfortable.


  1. Clothes to go home in.

You’re going to want a different outfit when it comes to traveling home. Having something simple and comfortable to wear on the car ride home is going to be the best way to go.


  1. Your own pillow.

Rumor has it that hospital pillows are not even close to comfortable or supportive. You want to be as comfortable as possible so bringing your own pillow from home might be a good idea.


  1. Camera.

You want to be able to have tangible memories from this day so a camera is a good idea for either video or pictures.