10 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer in Rexburg

stay cool in rexburg

Rexburg is finally warm and its time to stay cool by getting in the water! There are plenty of ways to cool off in the blistering heat this summer. No more sitting in front of a fan inside, it’s time to get outside and actually enjoy the sun! Here are just a few different ways to beat the heat and stay cool this summer in Rexburg!

Float Warm Slough

Cool off this summer by getting in the water. If you’re in the mood for a relaxing, gentle tube ride, then Warm Slough is perfect for you! Get some friends and a couple of tubes and you’re all ready to go. Floating Warm Slough can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the current. Before floating, you can drive and park a car at the bottom or just walk back to the beginning. At the end of your float, you will find a sandy area that you can get out and walk back to your car. There are also a few campsites with fire pits and bathrooms if you want to spend the day there. Stay cool by floating Warm Slough!

Location: 4705 W 4000 N, Rexburg, ID 83440

stay cool in rexburg

Phelps Lake Cliff Jumping

Located in the southern end of Grand Teton National Park is the beautiful Phelps Lake. Many hikers, backpackers, and kayakers enjoy the surrounding trails and cool glacial waters. However, the highlight of Phelps Lake is the popular “Jumping Rock”. Phelps Lake is the perfect place to stay cool and cool off after a hot summer hike. Roundtrip from the trailhead to the rock and back is about 5 miles total. There are also campsites at the western end of the Lake if you want to spend the night.

Location: Laurence S. Rockefeller Preserve

stay cool in rexburg

Blacktail Reservoir

If you’re in the mood for a boat ride, then Blacktail Reservoir is the place to go! Find a friend that has a boat and spend the afternoon playing in the sun. You could go tubing, wake surfing, water skiing, and wakeboarding. You’ll have so much fun you won’t want to leave! Blacktail Reservoir also has a nice park area. It has bathrooms, fire pits, pavilions, docks, and parking. If you don’t have access to a boat, then rent a paddleboard or some kayaks, go explore and stay cool!

Location: Blacktail Day Use Area, Rigby,ID 83442

stay cool in rexburg

Packsaddle Lake

Packsaddle Lake is a hidden beauty up in the mountains. If you are in the mood for a short hike and an afternoon spent staying cool in the lake, then Packsaddle Lake is just for you! It’s about an hour drive from Rexburg, but it’s worth it. It’s best if you drive all the way to the top where the hike starts. The road is a little bumpy and rough, but if you take it slow and have 4-wheel drive then you should be fine. The hike is steep at first as you go downhill but then it levels out and it only takes about 15 minutes. There are places to camp and even a rope swing to jump off of!

Directions: http://www.rexburgonline.com/things-to-do/packsaddle-lake/

stay cool in rexburg

Rexburg Rapids

Enjoy cooling off this summer by going to Rexburg’s very own waterpark. Rexburg Rapids has many different things for everyone to enjoy. Spend the afternoon lounging and playing in the pool, going down the waterslides, climbing up the rock wall, and jumping around the splash park. Grab a yummy snack at the concessions or relax on a tube by floating down the lazy river. Head to their website to see their park hours. Rexburg Rapids is the perfect place to stay cool this summer in the heat!

Location: 50 W 2nd N, Rexburg, ID 83440

stay cool in rexburg

Float the River in Lava Hot Springs

Stay cool by enjoying a hot summer day by floating the Portneuf River that flows right through the town of Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. You can bring your own tubes, but we would suggest renting a sturdy tube. You can rent tubes that seat up to four people for the whole day or just a couple hours. The river is filled with rocks that create rapids. You’ll be in for a fun ride, just make sure to watch out for the rocks because you don’t want to get scratched. Float down to the place where you get out, then head back to the beginning and go again!

Location: 430 East Main Street, Lava Hot Springs, ID 83246

stay cool in rexburg

Monkey Rock

Although there are no monkeys at Monkey Rock, it is a popular swimming hole filled with locals and college kids. Monkey Rock is located out in Saint Anthony and is the perfect way to stay cool this summer. There you can enjoy fishing, kayaking or swimming in the river. The iconic feature of Monkey Rock is the waterfall that people like to jump off of. Before jumping, make sure to watch out for rocks hidden under the water. You can also enjoy cooling off by bridge jumping up the road as well!

Directions: http://rexburgfun.com/monkey-rock/

stay cool in rexburg

White Water Rafting

Spend a Saturday white water rafting down the river with friends. There are many different rivers you could float in the surrounding areas. Just 12 miles south of Jackson, you will find the Hoback River. Float down the beautiful Hoback Canyon as you challenge rapids. Make sure you have life jackets and a raft with oars. From start to finish, the excursion should take roughly 3 hours. Make sure to look ahead for rafting rentals. Floating the Hoback will keep you staying cool and is something you won’t regret doing!

Location: http://wyomingnaturalist.com/river_hoback.html

stay cool in rexburg

Paddleboard & Wakeboard at Cable Factory

The Cable Factory is the closet thing you’re going to find to a beach here in Rexburg. Enjoy staying cooling by swimming in the water or relaxing on the sandy beach. For just $5 you can rent a paddleboard for an hour. Enjoy gliding over the water as you paddle around the lake. The Cable Factory gets its name from the wakeboarding cable. Strap your feet to a wakeboard and try your skills as you get pulled around by the cable. Show off your cool tricks by going off the various jumps. Head to their website to see pricing for the various activities.

Location: 2245 S 2000 W Rexburg, ID

stay cool in rexburg

Fun Farm Bridge Jumping

Take the plunge this summer and stay cool by bridge jumping into some refreshing water. Fun Farm Bridge is the perfect place to go bridge jumping when it’s hot outside. At the bridge, there are two main places to jump. You can jump off from the side of the road, or you can climb up the side of the bridge and jump from the top. Make sure to watch for cars and go in a large group. Escape from the heat this summer by bridge jumping at Fun Farm!

Directions: http://rexburgfun.com/fun-farm-bridge/

stay cool in rexburg