Month: August 2017

Seven of the Best Back to School Hacks

For those of us returning to the life of a student here in a few days, life is about to get a little more difficult. Classes, studying, team projects, and the like are just a few of the things that can make college life stressful. However, there are a…

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prepare for the eclipse

Five Easy Ways to Prepare for the Eclipse

With the eclipse just around the corner, things are going to start getting hectic very soon. Estimates of the number of people who will be travelling to Rexburg to see the eclipse range from the thousands to the tens of thousands. While no one is sure…

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how to make the perfect milkshake

How to Make the Perfect Milkshake

How to Make the Perfect Milkshake As we begin to move into the later parts of summer, you may find yourself realizing either that you simply haven’t eaten enough ice cream yet this summer, or that you’ve eaten a ton and need to “shake” things up a bit…

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