Month: August 2019

6 Ways to Give Your Apartment a Fresh Start

As we approach the end of August, vacations are ending and school is starting. You might notice that your apartment has been neglected with being in and out of town all summer. It’s time for those chores that are easily looked over. We’ve put together…

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4 Tips for the Ultimate Backyard BBQ

1. Plan the Meal Beforehand There is nothing worse than showing up to a barbecue not knowing what to bring or who is bringing what. Are you flying solo with the meal or is it a combined effort. Here’s an easy checklist of distributing what’s needed: -M…

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Hidden Gem Vacation Spots in the U.S.

It’s finally summer and you need to get way out of town, but ready for something more unique than the typical tourist spots? Here are 5 places we’ve found that might fit the bill.   1. Burney Falls, California We’re not talking about the sunny bea…

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