3 Reasons You Need Houseplants

Do you ever walk into your apartment and just miss the freshness of the outdoors?  Air quality inside houses and other buildings is often times very poor for multiple reasons.  In the winter especially, we tend to keep the windows and doors shut tight which keeps us warm but reduces air circulation.  There are also common toxins circulating in our air due to components of synthetic building materials and décor that we are surrounded by.  Often times central cooling or heating systems can also suck the moisture out of your airspace creating a dehydrated living area.  Fortunately, there are plants that can help offer a solution to each of these problems.

Higher Oxygen Levels for Fresher Air

When it comes to that still or stagnant air feeling (and even smell), pretty much any plant is going to be helpful.  Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen which will freshen up your living space.  Make sure to include orchids and succulents among your plants to rejuvenate your apartment with higher oxygen levels both day and night.  Most plants stop photosynthesizing at night and release low levels of carbon dioxide.  Orchids and succulents do the opposite, releasing more oxygen at night.

Natural Toxin Filters

Many plants filter out common toxins such as formaldehyde and nitrogen oxide which are produced by fuel-burning appliances. Chrysanthemums are inexpensive, come in a wide variety of colors and are great for filtering out toxins.  Snake plants are also very effective filters, low maintenance, and require little sunlight.  Peace lilies have been found to remove mold from the air and are one of few plants that bloom inside, producing a lovely aroma.  Just be aware that some plants, including dracaena and peace lilies can be toxic to children and pets if ingested.

Restore Humidity to Dehydrated living spaces

As mentioned earlier, central heating and cooling systems work partially by sucking humidity from the air.  Plants transpire, or basically their leaves sweat releasing moisture back into the air.  Boston ferns, spider plants, and bamboo palms are some plants that will be super effective at naturally humidifying your apartment.  With more moisture in the air, your skin will dry out less, the air will feel warmer, and maybe even some of that winter gloom will be dispelled.