3 Ways to Make the Most out of Limited Bathroom Space

Let’s face it, most apartment bathrooms are tiny. A few drawers and two cupboards is definitely not enough space for all the toiletries, cleaning supplies, toilet paper and random personal care items you’re supposed to fit in there. Plus, the bathroom feels tiny and cramped. So, let’s address the issue and find a few solutions!

Maximize Vertical Storage Space

Purchase some inexpensive locker shelves to maximize your vertical storage space. Walmart has cheap locker shelves starting at $3.45. You can even stack the locker shelves on top of each other and store items of varying heights. If you’re not into this idea, you can do the same thing by getting large flat Tupperware containers to organize by item type.

Hanging Space

Use a door hanging shoe organizer for your cleaning supplies. The bathroom door might not be the ideal place, but you could easily use your laundry room door for this storage method, or even a small closet door.

Towels are also a big space waster. Store your extra towels on top of the washer, in a drawer under the bed, or some other place out of the way. Then just keep one towel for each person in the apartment hung up on a hook on the back of the door.

Optical Illusions

A great way to upgrade your bathroom and make it feel a little more spacious is with your shower curtain. Get an extra shower rod and curtain, or just use the one you have, and place it so your curtain goes all the way to the ceiling. Having your shower curtain (or drapes in front of the curtain) going all the way to the ceiling makes the ceiling seem higher. Higher ceilings give rooms a more open and spacious feeling. Check out this blog for tips on how to extend your shower curtains length.