4 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Apartment for Fall

Autumn has come, and so has the season of decorating! Embrace the crisp air and colorful trees by adding some pumpkin-spice-and-everything-nice to your apartment. Here are a few simple ways to celebrate the season of fall in your home that will go a long way!

A Door Mat

decorate for fall Door mats and rugs can be displayed during any season, really. Needing to decorate for fall is a great excuse to get a new door mat. This simple but functional decoration serves as one of the first things that you or your visitors will see when getting o your home. Personalize it with your name, or just find one that speaks to you! Add a pot of flowers on the side and you got yourself a picture-perfect entrance.

Pumpkin Everything

One of the great benefits of fall time is the abundance of pumpkins. Pumpkin pie, cookies, candles, socks, centerpieces, you name it. This is the season of pumpkins, so get yourself a great one. Plastic and Styrofoam pumpkins can also be styled in your kitchen, living room or bathroom to make your home feel like fall.  

A Fall Aroma

Speaking of candles, doing a little to make your home smell like fall can go a long way when creating an atmosphere that harmonizes with the season. Whether you prefer candles, wax warmers, scented pinecones, or scented sprays, making your abode smell like autumn is an important part of spicing up your apartment. You’ll never want to leave!  

DIY Crafts

Crafting homemade decorations is a fun way to celebrate the holidays and seasons. All you need is the internet to spark some inspiration. From putting together a fancy wreath to making a turkey from your painted hand, the possibilities are endless. Put a personal touch on your fall décor this year with hand-made projects. Don’t be afraid to decorate for fall with your own creations!