4 Tips For Finding Married Housing Near BYU-Idaho

  1. Do Your Research

There are multiple complexes in the Rexburg area, but it can be difficult to find the right one. The most important aspect of landing an apartment is making sure it’s a place that will fit your needs. Be sure to reach out to management or known residents and ask any and all questions that you can think of. You’ll be way better off knowing the ins and outs before signing the dotted line! A few things to consider could include:

  • Is it a pet-friendly complex?
  • Which amenities are included? (For a list of The Village Apartment’s amenities, click here)
  • What is the application fee?
  • Is parking included in the price?
  • Is there a park nearby?

These and dozens of other questions are important to ask when you are looking for a place to live.

  1. Budget Wisely

Make sure that you know what you’re paying for. When it comes to renting an apartment, or anything else for that matter, you need to be living within your means in order to avoid any overcharges or hits to your credit. Calculate the costs of living and make a thought-out decision on what you can consistently afford to live in. For a list of prices and vacancies at The Village Apartments, check them out here.

A bonus tip for this one is to look at the different prices that apartments offer. Prices can be different, depending on which floor you choose. If you don’t mind taking the stairs, you can save some serious dough!

  1. Drive Around

If you and your spouse are serious about getting a place, scope out where you’re thinking about applying to. Here in Rexburg, weather can turn from beautiful to horrific in a matter of seconds, so it can be beneficial to see how apartments hold up to the crazy weather. That can include any flooding that may occur with lower areas or if parking lots are kept clear of snow during the winter months.

  1. Read The Lease

If you find the place you are looking for, be sure to read through the entire document before signing. Don’t get stuck in a bad situation due to your lack of information. A lot of headaches can be avoided if you stay well informed.