4 Tips for the Ultimate Backyard BBQ

1. Plan the Meal Beforehand

There is nothing worse than showing up to a barbecue not knowing what to bring or who is bringing what. Are you flying solo with the meal or is it a combined effort. Here’s an easy checklist of distributing what’s needed:

-Meat (usually brought by the host, but not necessary)

-Buns and condiments

-Side or Salad (this can be split up amongst a few people, but make sure not everyone is bringing a bag of chips! Mix it up by having someone bring chips, a fruit salad, or a green salad)


2. Prep Time

Are you using a gas/charcoal grill or a smoker? It makes a huge difference knowing, due to the amount of time it takes to get preheated for cooking your meats. Did you know that we have a grill and patio just for this kind of gathering? Check it out here. Speaking of meats, be sure to have the right marinade/seasonings in order to wow your guests! Not only that, but it is also very important to know when your meat is done, underdone, or overdone. Here is a great article for checking the doneness of your meat.

3. Set the Stage

When you are hosting a BBQ, you want to make sure your guests are as comfortable as possible. Do you have enough seats for them? Should we get a canopy of some sort? Music or no music? If there are going to be kids present, and if so, how do we keep them entertained? These are all incredibly important questions to answer before your guests arrive!

4. Have Fun!

There is absolutely no need to stress out over a fun BBQ. Yes, do your homework and make it a great night, but don’t be freaking out just because you forgot the mustard. Make it a great night for your guests. And don’t forget we have a grill, patio, and playground to make your BBQ party happen!