5 Creative Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day in and Around Rexburg

Valentine’s Day is just right around the corner and The Village has you covered with great date ideas. Can you smell the roses in the air? Take a look at our list of fun, easy ideas. We try to come up with fun simple date ideas that keep your close to home and help to keep your budget under control. There are plenty of other fun things to do on Valentine’s Day but if you want to have fun with that special someone, enjoy our list below!


  1. Romantic Dinner- If you are looking for a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day, then we will tell you a spot that is perfect. In downtown Rexburg there is a newly remodeled Thai food restaurant called, Original Thai. Their thai food is out of this world good and their newly remodeled look makes it a perfect place for a romantic night. For more information, visit: http://www.originalthairexburg.com/.

Valentine's Day 1


  1. BYU-Idaho Valentine’s Day 5K- If being happy and active is your thing, then we have an activity for you. This year BYU-Idaho is having a Valentine’s Day 5k on February 11 from 6-10p.m. The cost is free; all you need to do is wear BYU-Idaho approved clothing. Come run your heart out. For details visit their website.

Valentine's Day 2

  1. Sugar & Spice- Sometimes you don’t need to leave the apartment or home to enjoy Valentine’s Day. A romantic family room picnic can go a long way. Take time making heart shaped sugar cookies together and your favorite spicy dinner. Light some candles and have a romantic dinner with that special someone.

Valentine's Day 3

  1. First Date Again- No one can forget their first date with their special someone. If it was a great date with butterflies flying or if everything went wrong, it’s memorable. What better time to recreate this special event then on Valentine’s Day? Have fun falling in love all over again.

Valentine's Day 4

  1. Old School Date- Want to pretend for a night that you are at a different time in life? Well girls put on your pearls and boys shine your shoes. In Idaho Falls there is a cute diner called, Smitty’s that will take you back in time with great food and a great atmosphere. Don’t stop there, find a dance or a classic movie to watch and make it a great Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day 5

Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, remember it’s special because you are with someone that is special. Happy Valentine’s Day from the Village! We love you!