5 Fun Easter Ideas for Your Friends and Family

Easter is right around the corner! Celebrate Easter with some fun egg-celent inspired treats and games. It’s time to mix things up from the usual Easter egg hunts and egg dying. Instead, we’ve got some creative ideas for you to try this Easter with your family and friends. Check out our five fun Easter ideas below!  

Emoji Easter Eggs

Looking to change things up when dying your eggs this Easter? Try painting your Easter eggs instead of dying them different colors. These cute Emoji Easter Eggs from Studio DIY are the perfect way to decorate your hard boiled eggs. Grab some yellow paint to paint the base of the eggs. You will also need black, red, blue, white, and pink paint to add faces to your eggs. Make your Easter eggs come to life by adding some fun emoji faces! This is one of our favorite Easter ideas this year!

easter treats


No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Nests

Everyone loves chocolate no bake cookies!  Joy Food Sunshine has this delicious No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Nests recipe that you need to check out! All you need is peanut butter, honey, oil, cocoa powder, salt, vanilla, oats and shredded coconut. Add a little something extra to your no bake cookies by putting some yummy Cadbury eggs on the top of the cookies! It’s the perfect Easter treat!

easter treats

Paint Filled Eggs

How about instead of decorating Easter eggs, you fill them with paint instead? All you need are some hard boiled eggs that you hallow out. Next, fill these eggs with bright colored paint. Then you will want to cover them with tissue paper to keep the paint from falling out. Use either a large canvas or poster board to create your work of art on. Set this up outside so that it doesn’t’ get too messy. Take turns throwing the paint filled eggs on the canvas to create your art. Once you have thrown all your eggs, set your masterpiece aside to let it dry! For step by step instructions head to Growing a Jeweled Rose.    

Play Egg Roulette

If your in the mood for a fun easter game, then this game is for you! Take a carton of eggs and hard boil about eight of the twelve eggs. Keep the other four eggs raw. Lay down plastic table cloths or garbage bags if you plan on playing this game inside. Challenge an opponent and one at a time, reach for an egg. Each player must take a turn smashing that egg on their forehead. The game ends when the loser smashes two raw eggs on their forehead. Test your luck by playing this fun game of egg roulette this Easter!


Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

It’s time to mix things up and try a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt! Instead of finding eggs while it’s light outside, make things a little harder by looking for Easter eggs in the dark. Place small glow sticks inside the eggs to help you spot them in the dark. This adds a fun twist to your usual Easter egg hunt. Try out this creative idea from Eats Amazing for one of your Easter ideas this year!

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