5 Fun Hikes Close to Rexburg

It’s time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air! Warm weather is here to stay which means it’s time for some exploring and adventures. What’s a better way to go exploring then to go on a hike? Rexburg offers a great variety of hikes for you to choose from. Stay close to Rexburg or venture off a little further away. Here are some of our favorite fun hikes that are close to Rexburg. Make sure to check them out!  


The classic R Mountain hike is something that you must do while living in Rexburg. Whether you are going to school or a local, this hike offers a beautiful view of the Rexburg valley. It’s the perfect hike to do on a warm afternoon. If you want to see a breathtaking view, try hiking R Mountain at sunrise. Arrive at the trailhead at dusk and give yourself at least 45 minutes to hike to the top. Bring your camera and blankets so you can watch the sunrise as the sun lights up the Snake River and the Tetons in the distance. This is a fun hike close to Rexburg! Location: 1098 N 3600 E, Menan, ID 83434 Skill Level: Intermediate Distance: 3.3 Miles    


The Darby Wind Caves offer a great hike to a fun cave! You will want to go when it’s warmer so anytime between August through September. From Rexburg, the drive to the trailhead is about an hour and a half. Plan on spending around six hours total hiking and exploring the cave and waterfall. The hike starts out pretty flat, but get steeper as you climb the side of the canyon up to the cave. You will find that once inside the cave, there is a reason it’s called the “Wind Cave”. Coming through a small whole is a big gust of wind. Dress warm if you plan on going inside the cave. Have fun exploring the waterfall and cave on this hike just outside of Rexburg! Directions Skill Level: Intermediate Distance: 5.2 Miles    


If you are looking for a relaxing hike with a beautiful view, then Cress Creek Hike is for you! The best time to visit is from June to October. The first part of this hike is paved and goes up a gentle incline. As you hike, enjoy the view of of the South Fork of the Snake River. Take pictures with the Snake River in the background. You can also enjoy playing by the river at the base of the hike. Cross the bridge and you’ll find yourself at the edge of the river. This is a fun hike for the family and people of all ages! Location: 11894 S Snake River Rd, Rexburg, ID 83440 Skill Level: Easy Distance: 1.3 Miles fun hikes close to rexburgfun hikes    


There is nothing better then hiking to natural hot springs! Goldbug Hot Springs is a popular hiking destination during all seasons. Enjoy hiking in the snow or in the hot summer weather. Go with a group of friends and once you hike to the top, sit back and relax in the hot springs. If you want to stay longer, plan on spending the night camping under the stars. Make sure to bring snacks and water to keep yourself hydrated. This is a memorable hike close to Rexburg that you will want to add to your bucket list this summer! Location: Packsaddle Lake Rd, Tetonia, ID 83452 Skill Level: Intermediate Distance: 4 Miles    


If you’re looking for a fun hike then Packsaddle is definitely for you! It’s up to you to decide how long or short you want the hike to be. You can drive most of the distance to the top of the hike or you can also hike up from the bottom.  Once you get to the top of the hill, start down the trail that is descending down the other side of the hill. The hike is very steep but is no more than a quarter to a half a mile long. If you continue down further you will reach the base of the lake and find a rope swing. Go in the summer and enjoy swimming in the lake and swinging on the rope swing! Don’t forget bug spray! Go after June for the snow to be gone. This is a fun hike you will want to do this summer! Location: Packsaddle Lake Rd, Tetonia, ID 83452 Skill Level: Moderate / Easy Distance: Depends (about 1 mile round trip starting at the top of the hill) fun hikes fun hikes