5 Rexburg Places to Take Your Kids To Fall 2019

It snowed on October 2nd this year. CRAZY. Luckily, it didn’t stick – but still, that’s so early!

Basically, it’s going to be cold soon. That got us thinking about our residents, and how many of you have children and maybe worried about what kinds of activities you can do with them once the weather gets cold. Here are X activities, in no particular order, to do with your kids this fall and winter!

1. The Craze Fun Zone

The Craze has what they call the Crazy Kiddie Jungle, a play area for children aged 8 and younger to run around! According to their website, there are “tons of tubes twisting and winding around each other to create an exciting maze that will keep any youngster occupied for quite a while. In addition to the tube mazes, there are toys for all different ages and a soft comfy leather couch for adults!” In addition to this, the Craze has an arcade where you and your child can play classic games like Mrs. Pacman or Galaga!
There’s nowhere better to bring your wild child than The Craze!

2. Pumpkin Patches

Picking pumpkins is a classic fall family activity, and your kids will love exploring all the different colors, shapes, and sizes that the patches around Rexburg have to offer! For a full list of pumpkin patches in the area, click here.

3. Bowling

If you’re looking for an indoor game that will fit the whole family and still keep your kids active, why not go bowling? Fat Cats is a popular option for bowling, and costs only $3.50 per person until 5:00 PM! Another option is to bowl at the Strike Zone on the BYU-I campus, where the games are only $2.00 per person from 1:00-5:00 PM, and only $3.00 after 5:00 PM!

4. Kidsburg

Kidsburg is a children’s play museum here in Rexburg. It’s a representation of the city of Rexburg, with shops and buildings designed after stores in town. Your kids can unleash their creativity by building whatever they want in the “construction” area, where they can. They can also drive a little makeshift car, learn how to farm, and more. There’s even a toddler room for children under 18 months! Admission is free for parents or guardians with children under 12 months old. It opens for the season on October 31st.

5. Ice Skating

The Joe Marmo / Wayne Lehto ice rink in Idaho Falls is the perfect nearby place to go skating with your family. They opened this last weekend on October 5th and have tons of fun, themed-nights throughout the season. Every Thursday, for example, they have a Pre-School Skate, which is the perfect time for your younger kids to practice skating without the congestion of a regular public skate.