5 Tips For Moving To A New Place

Pack Ahead

Plan ahead and get your packing done at a slow, manageable pace, instead of trying to get it all done in just a couple days. Only keep out what you will be using the last few days of the move, but other than that, get it packed up and ready to go so there is less for you to worry about when the moving day arrives. We also suggest keeping your valuables with you. Packing them away may cause you to worry about loss or damage. Consider keeping things like jewelry, cash, and prescription medications with you for safety and easy access.  

Find Good Moving Boxes

Bins and boxes will come in handy, you can never have too many! Find inexpensive plastic or cardboard boxes at our local Walmart. To guarantee less confusion, take time to label your boxes as you pack. It will make the unpacking portion of your move that much easier. 

Hardware Items

There is nothing worse than trying to get all packed up when you realize that your permanent marker is out of ink or you only have a foot left of your packing tape. Get all of the supplies you could possibly need for moving and be prepared. This is especially true if you live in a place like Rexburg that has college students all trying to do the same thing. So stay on top of your items and get what you want before it’s too late!

Same Room, Same Box

It’s simple, don’t mix items from different rooms when packing. This way unpacking is that much easier. Think about grabbing an extra package of gallon sized Ziploc bags to pack things like silverware and smaller items. You won’t have to worry about things getting damaged or lost and it will be minimize unpacking time. 

Utilize Clothing For Your Fragile Items

Bubble wrap can get pricey, especially when you need a lot of it. Cut down those costs by utilizing clothing or rags to cover your fragile belongings. Padding the sides of boxes with bath towels and t-shirts will be awesome protection for your stuff during your traveling. Plus, you’re packing two things at the same time–it’s a win-win!