5 Ways to Decorate with Old Books

Whether you got them as a gift or bought them thinking you’d read them and never did, pretty much everyone has books laying around unused.  If you’re part of the rare group that doesn’t, this blog is still for you!  The DI and the Madison Library here in Rexburg have plenty of used books you can pick up for a few $2 to liven up your apartment with these fun decorating ideas.  Check out below five ways you can use your old books to decorate your apartment:

DIY Book Planter

What you need: x-acto knife Glue Plastic bag Hardcover book Succulents, rocks, and soil

Book Page Wreath

What you need: Cardboard Hot glue & glue gun Tape 1 or 2 books

DIY Book Page Flowers

What you need: Book pages Hot glue & glue gun Scissors Floral Wire Pen / Pencil Optional – paint, brushes, water, ribbon or lace

Book Folding

What you need: A book A template

Secret Book Safe

What you need: x-acto knife Modge Podge Paintbrush Straight edge Thick hardcover book