5 Ways to Survive the 0 Degree Weather in Rexburg

Let’s be honest, Rexburg has been brutally cold this winter. There have been points where Rexburg has been colder than both the North Pole and Antarctica! As we spend our days dreaming of warm sandy beaches, we must remember to keep warm this brutally cold winter. Here are just 5 simple tips to help you survive the 0 degree weather in Rexburg.


Layer, Layer, Layer

Forget the shorts and jacket free life. It’s time to pull out your winter coats, boots, hats and gloves. Whether you’re outside for a couple of minutes walking to class or even scrapping your car window off to go to work, make sure you are bundled up in the 0 degree weather. With a combination of layers, you are more likely to keep your body warmth in and keep the cold out.



Eat Filling Food

Although your New Year’s goal was probably to eat less and lose weight, it is still important to eat filling meals to keep your body warm during the winter. Eating heathy and filling meals during the winter helps your body to fend off colds and boosts your metabolism. Warm up your body by eating foods such as soups or chili, and drinking lots of hot cocoa! Say goodbye to being cold in the 0 degree weather!



Keep Everything Covered!

When it comes to negative degree weather, it’s very important to take care of your body. Fingers, toes, ears, and the tip of your nose are areas that are most susceptible to frostbite. Wear gloves to keep your hands covered and free from any chance of getting frostbite. Wear wool socks and boots to keep your feet protected from the cold and wet snow. Also wear a hat or scarf to keep your ears covered and warm.



Prepare Your Car

With the weather so cold, you need to be aware that your car will be different than what you are used to. Your car will be completely frozen, sometimes from the inside and out. Always allow for extra time to get ready and drive to your destination. Your car needs to warm up before being driven in the negative degree weather. Start your car early to allow for it to defrost. Snowy, slick roads will take extra time to drive on so be cautious and careful. It may also be a good idea to always keep your car filled up with gas and to have an extra blanket in the trunk in case of emergencies, especially in the 0 degree weather.



Take Care of Yourself

With winter comes coughs, colds, and a lot of runny noses. Make it your goal to keep yourself healthy and hydrated by drinking lots of fluids. Go to bed early to make sure that you wake up with energy to help get you through the day. Keep your body warm by bundling up any time you go outside. Most importantly, take care of yourself this winter in the negative degree weather in Rexburg.