5 Ways to Brighten Your Home This Winter


Windows are your natural light source so make sure they’re letting in as much light as possible to brighten your home!  Clean your windows once a month on the inside and outside to let in more light.  You’ll be surprised by how much winter grime can build up on them, blocking out sunlight.  Also remove your screens from windows that you are less likely to open during winter months.  Make a morning routine of opening your blinds or drapes and make sure to decorate with white or shear drapes.  Move tall, bulky furniture away from the windows so they aren’t blocking any sunlight from getting in.


Strategically place mirrors around your home where natural light can bounce off of them.  The best place to put mirrors is on east and west facing walls in range of sunlight from your windows because the sun will be hitting them for half the day.  Another option is to hang them directly opposite a window which will also greatly increase the natural light in the room.

Declutter and Décor

Declutter your apartment!  Take out unnecessary furniture and utilize that storage closet of yours.  An open space feels brighter, homier, and cleaner.  Rearrange furniture to give your apartment a new fresh feeling.  Then decorate with light colored, metallic, glass, or otherwise shiny and bright doodads.  Reflective and light colored surfaces will add more light to your apartment and brighten your winter experience!

Bright white light bulbs

You may have noticed that your current light bulbs give off a yellow glow.  It might be time replace them with white light bulbs for a brighter look to your apartment.  A great way to brighten your home is to even purchase full spectrum CFL light bulbs which mimic sunlight and can help fight winter blues.  Light from the sun emits the full spectrum of colors, which is why we see rainbows when sunlight shines through rain water.  Unfortunately, especially in Rexburg, we often don’t get enough of this much-needed sunlight during the winter months, so it’s a great idea to invest in some full spectrum light bulbs.

Additional lighting

Along with purchasing some full spectrum or bright white light bulbs, you’ll probably want to get your hands on some additional light sources for your apartment.  Check out the Walmart here in Rexburg and their selection of floor lamps starting as low as $7.67.  Perimeter lights will illuminate shadows that ceiling lights can’t always reach.  Walmart also has inexpensive string lights that you can hang along the ceiling to brighten your apartment and add a cozier feel.  The more light the better for your winter in Rexburg!


Comment below with your own ideas for brightening your home this winter!