5 Winter Activities Other Than Netflix

5 fun and cheap ideas to do during the winter other than watching Netflix!

Let’s be honest, it’s cold outside. So instead of bundling up to go out and play with friends on a Friday night, you sit on your couch with a bowl of popcorn in one hand and the TV remote in the other. You open Netflix and continue watching your latest Netflix binge show. Fast forward and now it’s Saturday evening. You are still sitting on the couch, and now you’re 3 seasons into your new show. It’s time to change this. Although it is cold outside, there are fun winter activities that you and your friends can do for cheap!


Go Ice Skating

What’s more fun that balancing on thin blades on super slippery ice? Whether you’re a beginner or professional, ice skating is something fun that everyone can do! There are many places to go ice skating in and around Rexburg. There are two different outdoor ice skating rinks; one in Rexburg and the other in Rigby. Idaho Falls offers a great indoor ice skating rink if it’s a little too chilly to go outside. So you may not be an Olympic ice skater, but you can still have fun skating with family and friends!

5 Winter Activities Other Than Netflix



Build a Snow Fort

So you need a little space from your husband or roommates, we get it. Sounds like it’s time to get outside and enjoy all that snow piled up everywhere! Grab your shovels, coats, and friends because today you are building a snow fort! Once you’ve got your fort all built, enjoy drinking some warm hot chocolate inside. Anything is better than staying inside and watching Netflix, just saying.

5 Winter Activities Other Than Netflix



Go Sledding

It’s time to get up from that couch and turn Netflix off! Grab your coat, hat, and gloves because it’s sledding time! You don’t need super nice sleds or hills to go sledding on. Instead, make do with what you have. Whether it’s a garbage can lid or a plastic bin, just grab something that will work. Find some hills near you or make your own sledding race track. Challenge your friends by racing them down the hill. We promise it’ll be a much better break from homework then watching Netflix.

5 Winter Activities Other Than Netflix


Go Skiing

Who said you have to go to the mountains to go skiing? The nice thing about skiing is that there are so many different ways or kinds of skiing. If you’re not wanting to drive all the way to the mountains, then grab your skis and poles and try out cross country skiing. If you’re wanting the real deal, then head to the ski hill and enjoy the day skiing or boarding down the mountain. Have a full day of classes? No worries, because night skiing might be just for you! Head up in the evening and enjoy a couple of hours on the ski hill that is all lit up for you! Whatever type of skiing you want to do, find time to do it this winter instead of turning Netflix back on.

5 Winter Activities Other Than Netflix



Go To The Hot Springs

We get it, you don’t want to bundle up and go outside in the cold. How about jumping in your swim suit and heading to a nearby hot springs? You can still enjoy the warm hot springs even when it’s in the negatives outside! The nice thing about Rexburg is that there are multiple different hot springs nearby that are both indoor and outdoor. Many students like driving and hiking to Goldbug Hot Springs in Salmon Idaho. If your looking for a little more relaxed trip, then try out Green Canyon, Heise or Lava Hot Springs. Although it’s not the same as relaxing on the couch watching Netflix, relaxing in a hot tub sounds so much better!