6 Plants That You Can’t Kill This Winter

1. Snake Plant

Sansevieria, commonly known as the Snake plant, is one of the easiest flora you can manage in the home – especially during winter! They thrive in both direct and indirect light, and can handle any temperature between 60-85° F. During the winter, they only need to be watered once a month.

And the best part? Snake plants purify the air around you by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen!

2. Peace Lily

Peace Lilies are known for their love of warm temperatures (above 60° F) and indirect light, so apartment-living is perfect for these easygoing plants. However, they do love moisture, so be sure to place them on a moistened tray or mist their leaves. Keep them out of reach of young children and pets, as they are toxic to ingest. However, like the Snake plant, Peace Lilies purify the air in your home – bonus!

3. Watermelon Peperomia

Can you guess where this plant gets its name from? Peperomia, like many other plants on this list, do great indoors during the winter because it thrives with bright, indirect light and only needs minimal watering. Doesn’t it look just like a watermelon?


4. Cast Iron Plant

Aspidistra is best known for it’s more common name, the Cast Iron Plant – and for good reason! Not too many plants can handle cool weather, but these bad boys can thrive anywhere as low as 45° F! Plus, they can survive low-light, low-humidity environments. When it comes to watering, just make sure to keep their soil evenly moist. They’re basically indestructible!

5. Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreens have beautiful lush green leaves, and can do well in low-lighting. That means if your living room is dimmer than normal (hello, influx of rain and snow clouds), your plants will do just fine. If all of your rooms end up really dark, you can supplement with a nearby lamp, because Chinese Evergreens respond well to artificial light too.


6. Aloe Vera

If you like open curtains during the winter, then Aloe Vera is the plant is for you. It loves bright, indirect light and indoor temperatures between 65-75° F. Because this desert succulent can store water in its leaves, you only need to water it when the soil is completely dry.