6 Ways to Give Your Apartment a Fresh Start

As we approach the end of August, vacations are ending and school is starting. You might notice that your apartment has been neglected with being in and out of town all summer. It’s time for those chores that are easily looked over. We’ve put together a list of chores that are good to do monthly, but often not done.

1. Washing Windows

If you’re wondering why the clothes on your neighbor’s clothesline are always dirty, you might want to take a look at your own windows. Washing not only the inside of your windows but the outsides, too, will make your apartment look and feel cleaner. The inside of the window might be all you can do if you’re higher than a first-floor apartment.

2. Bathing Pets

Bathing your pets should be at the top of your list, especially when renting. Keeping your pet clean can help with unwanted odors and dirt around the apartment. Not only that, but your pet will be happier and healthier, no matter how much they squirm or try to get out of it!

3. Clean Refrigerator

A clean refrigerator is another way to get rid of questionable smells. You might want to check the expiration dates on your condiments, produce, and dairy. There always seems to be some sort of spill or something crusty in the fridge. It’s best to take the time to clean out the drawers and wipe them down.

4. Change air filters for furnace or air conditioner

Changing the air filter is equivalent to getting your oil changed. You don’t really want to do it, but it just has to be done! When it does get done, the air conditioner runs so much smoother. You also want to make sure the air that’s coming into your apartment is as fresh and clean as possible.

5. Cleaning the Blinds

Fortunately, cleaning your blinds isn’t an all-day affair. But there are a couple tips to make everything run even smoother. First of all, grab a microfiber cloth. You can find these for an inexpensive price at your local grocery or dollar store. Close the blinds so that the concave side is facing you and wipe away the dust, starting from the top and working your way down. Be certain to work from the top down when cleaning blinds, so any fallen dust particles get cleaned up in the process. Turn the tilt wand (the rod that opens and closes your blinds) until the blinds are closed with the convex side towards you. Dust this side from top to bottom, just as you did the other. Vacuum any fallen dust using the vacuum cleaner attachment.

6. Wash and change your linens

Does the last time you washed your sheets make you cringe a little? Make sure to throw in your linens the next time you do the laundry. Not only will your apartment feel cleaner, but YOU will look and smell cleaner. Trust us!

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