7 Nostalgic Things To Do In Spring

Draw with sidewalk chalk

There’s no need to have serious artistic skills when it comes to sidewalk chalk. All you need is a little imagination and you’re good to go! Everything from rainbow landscapes to My Little Pony to a crime scene body outline–the possibilities are endless.

Feed the ducks at a pond

Rexburg’s Nature Park is the perfect place to spot some feathery friends. Take a few quarters to get some duck feed on the dock and enjoy watching the majestic birds gobble up what you throw in the water for them.


Fly a kite

This is Idaho, people–it’s gonna be windy! You might as well take advantage of those breezy days and pull out that kite or go snag one for a few bucks. There is something very satisfying about watching your hard work pay off when you see that contraption floating nicely in the sky.


Swing on a swingset

Think you’re too old for that? Think again! There are a few parks around that can spark that inner child while you attempt to reach the sky. Grab a friend and race to see who can get the highest faster. Move aside, kids, watch how the professionals do it!


Skip stones across a pond

How long has it been since you’ve tried to find the “perfect” skipping rock? With places like the Nature Park or Beaver Dick, you’re sure to be able to gain serious experience for this fun and easy-going pastime. 


Plan a Spring Break trip

Is there a place that you haven’t been to in a while that you would love to revisit or show your family? Pull out the planner and pack your bags for the experience you need to brighten up your spring! Maybe somewhere warm…Disneyland, here we come!! If Disneyland isn’t on your list, check out some of our suggestions by clicking here.


Blow Bubbles

Bring out those bubbles or run down to the dollar store! There is something therapeutic about watching a whole slew of bubbles floating away. Whether you’re trying to get as many bubbles as you possibly can or going for one gigantic one, you’ll have a smile on your face.