7 Week Break in Rexburg: Your Adventure Starts now.

Life at The Village never stops. The 7 week break in Rexburg is notorious for being a ghost town. This busy college town loses majority of the college students for just shy of two months and leaves the town feeling quiet and small. But just because the students left doesn’t mean the fun and adventures stop. Rexburg is close to so many fun outdoor activities and the 7 week break allows you to get outside and enjoy the last leg of summer. Here are some of the idea’s we here at The Village Community Housing have for you to do this 7 week break:

1) Stay cool with water activities:

Rexburg Rapids: This family fun water park is open all summer. For pricing and more information visit here.

via: rexburgrecreationprograms.blogspot.com


The Cable Factory: Whether you want to wake board, paddle board, fish or just lay out on the beach, this is the place. For hours of operation & pricing visit here.


via: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Cable-Factory/528593820484909

Saint Anthony Sand Bar: Located 15 minutes north of Rexburg, this fun riverside beach is a free attraction. Come lay out, play at the park, ride the slide or even jump off the diving board into Henry’s Fork. For directions and details visit here.

via: www.rexburgfun.com


2) Enjoy some hiking!

R Mountain: The Famous North Menan Butte known as “R Mountain.” Due west of Rexburg this fun hike is perfect for beginners and families. Click here for more information.

r mountain
via: http://rexburghotspot.com/r-mountain.html


Darby Wind Caves: This hike is located near Driggs, Idaho. 45 minutes from Rexburg this hike takes you into Targhee National Forest and you will love the view. Click here to learn more.

via: Matheson Digital Photography found on www.rexburgfun.com


Grand Targhee: This hidden gem is in the mountains just east of Driggs, Idaho. This ski resort is known for its snowfall in the winter, but is home to some of the best hiking and mountain biking in the summer. Click here to learn more about activities and pricing.

via: http://www.grandtarghee.com/activities-events/summer-activities/


3) Scenic Drives

Mesa Falls: Just 45 minutes away from Rexburg this majestic waterfall is a sight to see. It costs $5 a car but it is worth it. For more information visit here.

via: http://www.visitidaho.org/scenic-byways/mesa-falls-scenic-byway/


Swan Valley: Head southeast from Rexburg and enjoy an amazing view in Swan Valley. Drive along the Palisades and enjoy the view of the Snake River. For directions visit here.

via: https://www.flickr.com/photos/eddie_tk/2619112355


Island Park: Known for its wildlife and beautiful scenery, Island Park is a perfect getaway. Whether you want to drive up for day or camp, you will find Island Park to be a place you never forget. Click here to learn more.


via: http://anglerslodge.net/about-island-park/


So whether you are looking for some fun water activities and hiking or looking for a nice drive along some of Idaho’s prettiest places, take the time to go and do it while you can during the 7 week break. We want our residents at The Village to make the most of Rexburg and the area surrounding. For more information about The Village, click here: www.thevillagerex.com/dev