Amenities at The Village

Amenities. It’s a word that gets tossed around a lot in the apartment world. However, there are some apartments that do it better than others.

Here at The Village Apartments, we have a friendly, hardworking management team that puts the unique needs of our tenants first. We have beautiful apartments equipped with all your wants and needs in a great location, and at a competitive price. But this is not all. From the outside to the inside, The Village Apartments are loaded with quality amenities. You will find everything that you need and more. These elements make The Village Apartments much more than your ordinary apartment complex or a community, The Village Apartments are a home.

Apartment Amenities

Each Apartment is filled with amenities that will help make day to day life simple and easy. For your convenience, we offer nine different floor plans so you can pick a plan that fits your wants and needs. Each apartment is equipped with a full kitchen that includes a microwave and a dishwasher which makes cooking and cleaning effortless. The bedrooms are spacious and include modern, white, built in closet storage shelves. All of the apartment also includes a private washer and dryer, a super-efficient hydronic heating system for those snowy winter days, and Wi-Fi for your entertainment and work. The apartments also include either a deck or a patio to get some fresh air. Cable is available for those who choose.

Indoor Amenities

Our facility offers several additional indoor amenities for your enjoyment. In each apartment complex we have additional dens and bonus rooms. These can be used for parties, meetings, homework, and more. Our 5,000 square foot clubhouse is packed with something for everyone.

For movie lovers we have a full media room. This room includes large comfortable couches, a popcorn machine, and a big projector and screen. It is easy to operate and even more fun to use.

A designated study room provides a perfect quiet spot to work or study without distraction. It includes private desks, computers, and a printer.

Residents who have children find satisfaction in our child romper room. The child romper room gives the parents a place for their children to play and have fun while they relax.

But we didn’t forget those children at heart. For those who want to take a break from the stress of work or school or just have some fun, we have a lounge that includes a kitchen and fireplace as well as a billiard room to play some pool.

Fitness is key to good health and this is something we want for our residents. So, we have a fitness center stocked with equipment and machines to workout, de-stress, and reach your goals.

Outdoor Amenities

For those who love the outdoors, we have amenities for you too. Something unique about The Village Apartments is that it is one of the only pet friendly apartments in Rexburg. This is not all. Not only do we love our dogs, we want them and our residents to be happy. That’s why we have a designated dog park that is enclosed where your dogs can run free. A play structure and a park like area for the children to play at has been provided. The park area also contains picnic tables, barbecues, a grass area, and community garden boxes for everyone to enjoy.

Our desire is to make The Village Apartments your home. We want you to feel at home, be happy, cultivate friendships, and create memories. We are committed to making your time here positive and memorable. By providing these amenities we hope to make life easier and enjoyable for you, your family, and your friends.