Beat the Winter Blues

5 Ideas to Beat The Winter Blues!

We might have seen a glimpse of warmer weather in the past few weeks but that doesn’t mean winter is over.  Are the winter blues getting you down? If they are then don’t you worry; we have 5 fun things to do that can sweep those winter blues away. At The Village your happiness means everything to us, so let us help you beat the winter blues and help you stay busy until we get to Spring and warmer weather.

  1. Fresh air- It might be cold outside, but getting fresh air can go a long way. Air is the most important element to sustain life. Fresh air can help your physical and mental health. Go step outside, take a walk, go on a run or open a window.

beat the winter blues 1

  1. Board games- Don’t be bored, play board games. The key to this is not to play alone, but invite others over to join in the fun. Getting together and playing games will be sure to put a smile on your face. Some friend time and good laughter is a great way to combat and beat the winter blues.

beat the winter blues 2

  1. Winter sports- Is winter your sport? Step outside and enjoy all the sports winter brings. The list is endless, from skiing to snowshoeing or from skating to sledding. The snow can be your best friend with the right sport.

beat the winter blues 3

  1. Hot Springs- If you just really need some heat then why not an outdoor hot tub. Gold Bug Hot Springs is located just a little over 2 hours outside Rexburg. It is well worth the trip with its fun hike to the springs and the stunning views. You can also go to Green Canyon Hot Springs or Heise Hot Springs and enjoy the hot pools at an admission price.

beat the winter blues 4

  1. Netflix Party- Want to just stay at home nice and warm but have a lot of fun? You can invite over fun friends and get good food. Then you are all set for a fun Netflix party, watching your favorite movies or TV shows. It will be a sure way to put a smile on your face and have a laugh or two.

beat the winter blues 5

What ever you choose to do this winter, remember the words of David Cushchieri, “Look for the good in each day and you will realize that you can be as happy as you think you are.” We hope that you are having a happy winter and we hope we can help you beat the winter blues. It is almost time for Spring!