• A Local Guide to Haunted Houses

    Let’s get real here. If you don’t do something scary in October, is it even October? Personally, I love getting scared. I watch horror movies on the regs. However, going to actual haunted houses is another matter. I mean, Pennywise on the screen is VER

  • You Know You Live in Rexburg When…

    Rexburg. Beautiful, fun, stereotypical Rexburg. The place where potato farms surround the town and businesses thrive off college students. Where you’ll find some of the most beautiful scenic views of mountains, rivers, forests, and lakes. Rexburg can b

  • hot chocolate rexburg

    The Best Places to get Hot Chocolate in Rexburg

    Whether you are a lover or a hater of the Rexburg winters, one thing you should appreciate about the season is Rexburg’s hot chocolate. There is something absolutely grand about sipping on the sweet, warm deliciousness of the perfect cup of cocoa. Here

  • How to Eat Healthy in a Fast Food Town

    If you only have a few minutes and (let’s be real) a few bucks, you are probably falling into the fast food trend. After all, this seems like the main go-to in Rexburg. If you’re like me, all you want to do is take a quick visit to World’s Best Corn Do

  • 4 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Apartment for Fall

    Autumn has come, and so has the season of decorating! Embrace the crisp air and colorful trees by adding some pumpkin-spice-and-everything-nice to your apartment. Here are a few simple ways to celebrate the season of fall in your home that will go a lo

  • How to Spend the Last Weekend of Summer

    For many of us, this weekend is the last one we get before we go back to school. Soon, homework and cooler weather will start to work their way into our Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and our weekend routines will resultantly be modified. So, you cou

  • Seven of the Best Back to School Hacks

    For those of us returning to the life of a student here in a few days, life is about to get a little more difficult. Classes, studying, team projects, and the like are just a few of the things that can make college life stressful. However, there are a

  • eclipse weekend

    Check Out These Events During The Eclipse Weekend

    Are you ready for the total solar eclipse on Monday? This singular occurrence is expected to draw perhaps thousands of visitors and keep many curious locals around. To celebrate this incredible occasion, there will be many events during the eclipse wee

  • prepare for the eclipse

    Five Easy Ways to Prepare for the Eclipse

    With the eclipse just around the corner, things are going to start getting hectic very soon. Estimates of the number of people who will be travelling to Rexburg to see the eclipse range from the thousands to the tens of thousands. While no one is sure

  • how to make the perfect milkshake

    How to Make the Perfect Milkshake

    How to Make the Perfect Milkshake As we begin to move into the later parts of summer, you may find yourself realizing either that you simply haven’t eaten enough ice cream yet this summer, or that you’ve eaten a ton and need to “shake” things up a bit

  • 10 Weird Uses for a Potato to Improve your Life

    Idaho is widely known for its potatoes. Outside of the state, people often simply think of it as “The Potato State.” You can’t blame them. Over 13 billion potatoes are produced in Idaho each year, and our spuds are widely regarded as the very best. If

  • 7 Things To Do During the 7 Week Break

    BYU-Idaho students, it’s time to celebrate because school is finally out and for the next 7 weeks it is officially summer. So what are you going to do to celebrate your time off? Here’s 7 suggestions to help you make the most of your break! 1. Binge Wa

  • Rexburg Residents can Anticipate an Increase in Utility Prices

      Rexburg City officials have announced that beginning on October 1, residents can anticipate a 7.5 percent increase in their utility bills. This means that the bill for your garbage, water, and sewer costs can likely spike at the beginning of Fal

  • 5 Upcoming Events Near Rexburg You Won’t Want To Miss

    If you’re running out of things to do on the weekend and need something new to try out, stop by one of these local upcoming events! 1. Smashed $1 Grilled Cheese Day If you haven’t heard yet, Smashed is a new restaurant in town. They serve signature gri

  • 5 Fun Things To Do on Fourth of July

    The days are getting longer and hotter which means you can finally go out and cross off all those things on your summer bucket list. What better day to accomplish all your summer plans, than the Fourth of July. Not sure where to begin? Here’s 5 fun thi

  • Guide to Surviving Finals

    With the semester finally coming to a close that can only  mean one thing–Finals. Finals are quickly approaching and stress and anxiety are coming on strong. But finals don’t have to be completely stressful. Here’s a guide to surviving finals to make

  • Top 5 Dessert Places In Rexburg

    From time-to-time we all get a craving for something that’s a little sweet. So why not treat yourself? Here’s a breakdown of the top 5 dessert places in Rexburg. Go ahead, satisfy those cravings and quit worrying about the calories!   1.Karie Anne

  • Fun Desserts to Make for the 4th of July

    Fourth of July is right around the corner which means its time to start planning on the fun Desserts you’ll be making for your holiday event! Here’s 8 tasty desserts that you’re going to love!   1. Flag cake You can’t go to a Fourth of July party

  • 5 Pinterest Perfect Ways to Style Your Apartment for Spring

    One of the hardest things about living in an apartment can be figuring out how to style your apartment. But it can also be one of the best things. Apartment decorating gives you an opportunity to bring all your HGTV inspirations to life. Here’s 5 ways

  • New Rexburg restaurant Smashed

    Best New Rexburg Restaurants to Try Out

    Are you getting sick of having the same thing for dinner every night? Looking for something new to try out for date night? Good news there’s a variety of new restaurants in town and we’re here to help you decide which Rexburg Restaurants to try out! 1.

  • photographers in Rexburg

    Top 20 Rexburg Photographers to Check Out

    Are you looking to get some cute family photos taken? Know somebody who needs engagements or wedding photos done? Here are the top 20 Rexburg Photographers to check out! 1. Brooks McFadden Brooks is a photographer local to rexburg who specializes in We

  • 5 Fun Hikes Close to Rexburg

    It’s time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air! Warm weather is here to stay which means it’s time for some exploring and adventures. What’s a better way to go exploring then to go on a hike? Rexburg offers a great variety of hikes for you to choose

  • 5 Fun Easter Ideas for Your Friends and Family

    Easter is right around the corner! Celebrate Easter with some fun egg-celent inspired treats and games. It’s time to mix things up from the usual Easter egg hunts and egg dying. Instead, we’ve got some creative ideas for you to try this Easter with you

  • spring bucket list

    Start Prepping for Spring: Spring Bucket List

    Now that the sun is out and the snow has finally melted, spring is officially here to stay! The weather forecast shows warmer weather which means it’s time to spend your days outside. Don’t know what to do to enjoy this nice spring weather? No worries,

  • 5 Fun Baked Goods for St. Patrick’s Day

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Celebrate today by wearing green and making some delicious green goodies. Whether you need some treats for a class party or because you’ve got the munchies; we’ve got some recipes that you will love. Add a pot of gold, rainbows

  • Valentine’s for Veterans

    Valentine’s Day is a special day for many reasons. It’s a day to celebrate with loved ones and to show those around you how much you care for them. Common holiday occurrences are passing out Valentine’s cards to friends, secret admirers and family memb

  • Difference Between Student and Community Housing

    When it comes to deciding where to live, it can be a difficult choice. Living in Rexburg, there are many different housing options you have to choose from. Whether your’e a student looking for a place to live close to campus or a recently married coupl

  • love the village 1

    The Mayfair Apartment at The Village

    Today we want to feature the Mayfair Apartment floor plan. Along with this floor plan, The Village has 9 total different floor plan options for you to choose from. That means you can get the one that fits your needs. Learn more today about the Mayfair

  • 5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

    Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. Celebrate this day of love with those you love! Struggling to come up with some Valentine’s Day date ideas to do with your significant other? No worries, here are some fun, simple date ideas for you and your val

  • Life at The Village: Perks of Living Here

    When it comes to living at The Village, there are some major perks that come with it! The Village is Rexburg’s premier community housing that has nine different layouts and floor plans with fantastic amenities. Living at The Village is an experience un

  • 5 Winter Activities Other Than Netflix

    5 fun and cheap ideas to do during the winter other than watching Netflix! Let’s be honest, it’s cold outside. So instead of bundling up to go out and play with friends on a Friday night, you sit on your couch with a bowl of popcorn in one hand and the

  • love the village 1

    The Mayfair Apartment at The Village.

    The Mayfair apartment floor plan is the apartment layout we want to feature today! Along with this floor plan, The Village has 9 total different floor plan options for you to choose from. That means you can get the one that fits your needs. Learn more

  • 5 Ways to Survive the 0 Degree Weather in Rexburg

    Let’s be honest, Rexburg has been brutally cold this winter. There have been points where Rexburg has been colder than both the North Pole and Antarctica! As we spend our days dreaming of warm sandy beaches, we must remember to keep warm this brutally

  • New Year, New Goals. Welcome 2017

    In just a matter of seconds, 2016 will be over. All of those bad days, good memories or life changing moments are now in the past. 2017 is a year of hope. Many people look forward to a new year to make changes, goals, and resolutions. Let’s celebrate 2

  • 5 Yummy Christmas Treats

    Being home for the holidays is something we all love. As we are surrounded by family and friends we share laughs and memories together. Holiday treats, goodies and snacks are everywhere. This Christmas, liven up your homemade treats by adding a bit of

  • Safe Travels on Winter Roads this Christmas

    With the Christmas season just a few days away, everyone will be hustling and bustling to get home for the holidays. Here at The Village, we want everyone to make it home safe and sound this Christmas! Driving on snow covered roads can be dangerous so

  • Fun Things to do in the Snow

    Brr it’s freezing outside! Don’t let the cold get you down this winter! Instead of staying cooped up inside watching movies and drinking hot cocoa, it’s time to get outside and play in the snow. You don’t have to go skiing or snowboarding to enjoy the

  • The Meaning of Thanksgiving

    As Thanksgiving season approaches, it’s hard not to think about all the delicious pie, turkey and mashed potatoes you will soon be eating. Here at The Village, we wanted to take a minute to reflect on the true meaning of this great holiday. Although it

  • love the village 1

    The Oxford Apartment Layout

    The Oxford Apartment Layout The Oxford is one of our more sophisticated apartments at The Village! This one bedroom, one bath apartment has some nice features that make it really special. A patio/deck off of the dining room can be great for those warms

  • New Dog Park at The Village

    Here at The Village, we are a pet friendly apartment complex that has a new dog park. We love our residents and their pets, which is why we just finished upgrading our outdoor park. This is located to right of the clubhouse and allows for your pets to

  • 5 Fun Halloween Treats

    Halloween is right around the corner! Forget about decorating your house, it’s time to decorate some fun Halloween treats! Whether your having a Halloween party or just getting together with a few friends, these treats are the perfect thing to make. Be

  • Breast Cancer Awareness

    October has officially arrived! This October as you celebrate Halloween, carve pumpkins and decorate your house with everything black and orange, make sure to remember the color pink. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to incr

  • 5 Fall Activities in Rexburg

    As the leaves start to change, you know that fall is in the air. It’s time to pull out those sweaters, hit up the haunted houses, and bake everything with pumpkin spice! Since fall is right around the corner, what are your fall bucket list plans? Here

  • love the village 1

    The Fremont Layout

    At The Village, The Fremont layout is a favorite for many. The Fremont is a two bedroom, one bath apartment. This apartment has a nice master bedroom with a window for light, a build-in desk, and a walk-in closet. The second bedroom is great for childr

  • 5 Best Hiking Trails Around Rexburg

    It’s time to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty all around us. Hiking is the best way to explore the great outdoors while still having fun. Living in Rexburg is perfect because there are so many different hiking trails you have access to. Whether it’s U

  • Grand Teton National Park

    Established in 1929, Grand Teton National Park is a spectacular view that everyone should see. Grand Teton National Park is so popular that it has over 4 million people visit each year. The park covers over 309,994 acres which is about 485 miles! The p

  • radon

    Radon in Rexburg

    Surrounded by the beautiful mountains, rivers, and national parks, living in Rexburg Idaho has its perks. Not too far from Rexburg, you will find gems like Yellowstone, the Menan Buttes, Teton National Park, Island Park, and the Snake River. Those in t

  • 10 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer in Rexburg

    Rexburg is finally warm and its time to stay cool by getting in the water! There are plenty of ways to cool off in the blistering heat this summer. No more sitting in front of a fan inside, it’s time to get outside and actually enjoy the sun! Here are

  • 4th of July in Idaho

    4th of July  It’s time to celebrate the 4th of July! Did you know that July 4th has been a federal holiday since 1941? From 1776 until present day, we celebrate the 4th of July as the birth of American Independence. All around the country, people celeb

  • love the village 1

    Why You Will Love The Village!

    You have decided to move to Rexburg. Whether it is for education, a career choice, to be closer to family or just because you wanted to try something new. As you plan your move, you have a bunch of decisions to make. What can I afford to live in, what

  • 5 Early Spring Activities in Rexburg

    Spring Activities are not hard to come by in Rexburg, you just need time to do them all! Now that Spring is here to stay, it’s time to get outside and enjoy the warmth while it lasts! Here are 5 different activities you can do in Rexburg and surroundin

  • Rexburg ID Apartments with Sidewalks

    The St. Germain Layout

    St. Germain One of the best layouts that we have at The Village is our St. Germain Apartment. Want a place that feels a little more like home than just a regular apartment? The St. Germain is set up with a townhouse style, with two stories. It is one o

  • the village pizza party

    Pizza Party With The Village

    Looking to plan for the future? Come meet The Village and see why you will love it at our complex. We are a pet-friendly community housing complex with 9 different floor plans. Bring your friends and get some free dinner and learn more! Join us at Papa

  • Day Light Savings

    Day light savings is right around the corner, as in this Sunday, March 13th! Are you ready to spring forward into Spring? A little more sunshine during the day will take away the winter blues. We know that remembering which way to move your clock can b

  • Read Across America Day!

    Happy belated, Read Across America Day from The Village! This Seussical tradition was started by the National Education Association in March of 1997, to honor the beloved Dr. Seuss’s birthday, and make it a grand day to celebrate reading. This traditio

  • Beat the Winter Blues

    5 Ideas to Beat The Winter Blues! We might have seen a glimpse of warmer weather in the past few weeks but that doesn’t mean winter is over.  Are the winter blues getting you down? If they are then don’t you worry; we have 5 fun things to do that can s

  • community post 4

    Community Post: Valentine’s Day for Veterans

    Community Post for Rexburg and surrounding areas: We strive to be involved in the awesome community and city of Rexburg. This year, we put on our annual Valentine’s Day for Veterans program! The Village sponsors and sends Valentine Day cards to Vets ea

  • 5 Creative Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day in and Around Rexburg

    Valentine’s Day is just right around the corner and The Village has you covered with great date ideas. Can you smell the roses in the air? Take a look at our list of fun, easy ideas. We try to come up with fun simple date ideas that keep your close to

  • Choosing the Right Apartment for Your Needs

    The right apartment for your needs and comfort can be found at The Village. The Village knows that everyone’s needs are different, which is why we have so many options for you to choose from. The real question is how do you choose the right apartment f

  • Rexburg ID Apartments with Sidewalks

    The St James Apartment

    Today we want to feature the St James Apartment floor plan. Along with this floor plan, The Village has 9 total different floor plan options for you to choose from. That means you can get the one that fits your needs. If space is your thing then the St

  • 5 Things to do in Rexburg This Winter

    Looking for things to do in Rexburg but have no where to find them? Here at The Village, we want to provide more than just community housing. We want to provide you with fun and entertainment all year. Although you may not like the cold weather, you kn

  • Preparing for Winter in Rexburg

    The Village Community Housing cares both about our tenants and also the amazing people that live in Rexburg. We all know how amazing Rexburg is in the summer months but we also know what that can mean for winter months. To truly appreciate the good, am

  • The Village Community Housing. Tour Today

    If you are looking for community housing in Rexburg then you need to consider The Village Community Housing. The Village provides optimal housing for all walks of life. Whether you are newly married and in school,  found a new job and need to start out

  • Transitioning from Student Housing to Community Housing.

    Here at The Village we welcome everyone from all walks of life. Whether you are a young family needing a 2 bedroom apartment, a single adult looking for housing with or without roommates, recently married and seeking community housing or just looking f