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Valentine’s Day Cookies You’ll LOVE

Who doesn’t LOVE cookies? These cookies are the best ones to make on that special day. It only takes 23 minutes to make these yummy, warm, delicious cookies and they are perfect for your loved ones, neighbors or friends! Anyone who has a little time on…

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10 Items To Have For The Delivery Room

Stressing about being prepared for the big day? It can be super easy to over pack especially for a day as important as this for new mothers. It is important to know what the essentials are so that you don’t pack too much and overcrowd your already smal…

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New Year, New You

Here it is, the new year. 2019. With the new year comes new goals and hopes in accomplishing something to make this year better than 2018. However, as studies show, a majority of people fail or give up on their new year’s resolutions by February. Why i…

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How to Survive a Rexburg Winter

Let’s talk about Rexburg winters. We all remember that winter it was colder here than it was Antartica. It gets COLD here. No doubt about it. Here at The Village, we wanted to help you beat the cold by creating some helpful tips for this iceberg that w…

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Good Mood Foods For Gloomy Days, Dudes

Now that we’re seeing the full effects of daylight savings time, it’s already dark by 5 p.m. That general lack of sunlight and the all-around colder weather keeping us inside is a recipe for gloomy days and melancholy moods. If you’re feeling the effec…

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Decorate with plants to create a stress-free living space

How to Create a Stress-Free Living Space

Look, your living space is one of the few things in life that you can have total control over. If coming home to a stress-free apartment is something you aspire to have, let us assure you, it’s within reach. With these simple tips, you can create a pea…

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