Community Post: Valentine’s Day for Veterans

Community Post for Rexburg and surrounding areas: We strive to be involved in the awesome community and city of Rexburg. This year, we put on our annual Valentine’s Day for Veterans program!

The Village sponsors and sends Valentine Day cards to Vets each year. Last year was our first year and we saw great success. Deidre Mason said,” It was so well-received last year.” This year was no exception! We worked with a few classes last year and this year we were able to team up with an entire elementary school, Hibbard Elementary. Hibbard Elementary School really loved the event and both the teachers and students had a blast. The teachers taught the students about our Veterans and all that they have done for our country. The Standard Journal wrote that one student said,” Thank you for fighting in the past for our future.” View the entire article in The Standard post 1

Valentine’s Day for Veteran’s has been around for years but it struck a heart string started some 30 years ago with Deidre, our apartment manager, when she would make them with her daughters and send them to Veterans. Sharing this community post with you has not only helped to spread the good that we have done but to also help continue to spread it and make it even bigger years to come. That tradition has expanded to The Village. This year they made over 600 Valentine’s Day cards. They are sending them to Boise, Salt Lake City and Pocatello. High reviews by Local 8 News, and The Standard Journal were given as they covered this event.

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This tradition is one that is heart warming and will continue on. They have hopes next year to have all elementary schools in Madison School District participate. This will make it possible for them to have enough cards to send some to Washington D.C. next year.We hope this tradition will continue to grow and love will continue to be spread as this community post reaches the people of Rexburg and surrounding areas.

The Village here in Rexburg would like to wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. We love you and hoping you are loving living here at The Village!


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