How to Create a Stress-Free Living Space

Look, your living space is one of the few things in life that you can have total control over. If coming home to a stress-free apartment is something you aspire to have, let us assure you, it’s within reach.

With these simple tips, you can create a peaceful sanctuary, away from the worries of every-day life.

Here are five tips on how to create a stress-free living space:

Don't use your bedroom as a workspace to create a stress-free living space

1. Don’t use your bedroom as an office

Having a home workspace in the same room where you’re trying to rest is a conflict of energy. It’s hard to relax or unwind when you’re still plugged in. We all need downtime — we all need somewhere we can go to get away from our work. Try setting up your computer in your living room area or at the end of your dining table.

Use light and space to create a stress-free living space

2. Get more light and air circulation

Fresh air and light are critical elements of our overall wellness. Take a second to think about the airflow throughout your apartment, and invest in an air purifier or window fan to help keep the air from getting stagnant. Also, make sure to wash your windows and open your curtains or blinds to let in as much natural sunlight as possible.

Declutter to create a stress-free living space

3. De-clutter all of the things

Obviously, a messy room isn’t going to help you de-stress, but visual clutter can completely break your bedroom ambiance. Your mental health will thank you if you take the time to clean up your bedroom clutter. Get in the habit of shutting your dresser drawers and closet doors to avoid visual distractions. Clearing your bedroom of clutter will help clear your mind of clutter, too.

Decorate with textiles to create a stress-free living space

4. Add Some Textiles

By adding different fabrics and textiles in your apartment, the feeling of softness can quickly create a less harsh environment. Try layering different throws and pillows, adding area rugs, or using curtains instead of blinds. When it comes to creating a space to call home, it’s important that it feels comfy and cozy.

Decorate with plants to create a stress-free living space

5. Decorate with plants

Decorating with plants is a creative and healthy way to positively impact your home. By filling your living space with nature, the plants can release moisture and oxygen into the air to help you breathe better. And if you’ve heard of Wim Hof, more oxygen might be the truest secret to a stress-free living space (and life).

Hopefully, you can find something on this list to help you de-clutter and de-stress your living space. Get some chill vibes going on in your apartment and your mental health will thank you for it. Let us know what helps you most and share some photos with us on Instagram.