Day Light Savings

Day light savings is right around the corner, as in this Sunday, March 13th! Are you ready to spring forward into Spring? A little more sunshine during the day will take away the winter blues. We know that remembering which way to move your clock can be confusing, so just remember that in the spring you spring forward, while in the fall you fall backwards.

That means you need to set your clock one hour ahead this spring. Here are some tips to help you to get ready to lose a little bit of sleep when day light savings hits this Sunday.

  1. Prep Your Body- Start going to bed a little earlier the next few days to slowly adjust to the time change. Your body will handle the time change better in smaller increments.
  2. Get Excited- Have a positive mentality regarding the upcoming time change. Day light savings happens twice a year, so you know it is coming. Think of all the things you can do with more day light? Longer evening hikes, getting out of work with light still outside, waking up to some sun. Get yourself excited to enjoy the challenge of springing forward this year.
  3. Change Clocks- Make sure that you write a note to change your clocks. You don’t want to be late to a meeting, class, a party or church because you are an hour late. Make a note now to remind you to change your clocks.

With  more light and a little less sleep for a day, we hope you make the most of it and have fun! At The Village we hope that you are happy and having fun all year long. Happy Day Light Savings everyone!


day light savings