End of Summer Bucket List

As hard as it is to say, summer is coming to an end. The warm weather will soon be turning cold, so you must enjoy these last few weeks before it’s too late! Rexburg offers many different things you can do to enjoy summer. All you need to do is get outside and try them all! Here are just 5 end of summer bucket list ideas you must do before summer officially ends.

#1 Packsaddle Lake

A hidden treasure just outside of Rexburg is the beautiful Packsaddle Lake. After a steep drive up a mountainside, and a short hike down, you will find the lake hidden in amongst thousands of trees. Enjoy swimming and relaxing in the blue water. Try out the rope swing or bring a tube and float out in the water. Bring a picnic lunch and have fun with your friends. Whatever you do, you must at least visit Packsaddle Lake before summer is over.

Directions: http://rexburgfun.com/packsaddle-lake-hike/

summer bucket list

#2 Union Falls

Located at the Southwest Section of Yellowstone National Park is the breathtaking Union Falls. Union Falls is a hike that leads to a beautiful waterfall. The hike can be long if you choose to do the entire round-trip hike. This hike is impassable during the spring, so the best time to visit is between July to October. Union Falls is a definite summer bucket list option to check off this summer!

summer bucket list

#3 Canoeing

Who doesn’t love to go canoeing? Canoeing is the perfect activity for a date or just a fun Saturday adventure with friends. Rexburg offers many different places to go canoeing. Make sure to look up places to go canoeing ahead of time. The ORC on campus allows you to rent a 2-person canoe with paddles and life jackets for only $20. Rent one today and enjoy the outdoors!

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#4 Drive-In

If you haven’t been to a drive-in ever in your life, then that needs to change. Right here in Rexburg, you can enjoy a movie night at Teton-Vu Drive-In. Grab a carload of friends and enjoy watching the movie in the bed of a truck. Don’t forget to bring pillows and blankets to keep warm! Look up to see what movies are being shown ahead of time.

Drive-in link: http://paramount5.com/theaters/teton-vu/

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#5  R Mountain Sunrise Hike

Idaho sunsets are beautiful, but have you ever seen an Idaho sunrise? If not, set your alarms early and wake up to see the sun rise from behind the mountains. Try hiking to the top of R Mountain before the sun rises. Bring blankets and enjoy watching the beautiful sunrise as it begins the start of a new day. You won’t be disappointed. This is a great way to cap off your end of summer bucket list.

summer bucket list