If you have a question that is not addressed on our Frequently Asked Questions page, then we would encourage you to please call us at 208-356-7786.

Rent & Payments

When is my rent due and how does prorated rent work?

  • Rent is first due on or before the day you move in. After that, it is due on the first of every month. We do not have a grace period before rent charges. So on the second, a late fee posts.

How do I pay my rent online?

  • Log into your tenant portal
  • Click the “Pay Now” option
  • Choose between an eCheck or a credit/debit card
  • Fill out your information and submit!

Do you accept cash payments in the office?

  • We do not. Our system only allows for checks, cashier’s checks, or money orders in the office. Once you set up your online account, you are more than welcome to pay with a card online. The recommended form of payment is an eCheck using your bank account and routing information. This method is completely free!

When is the refundable portion of my deposit due?

  • The refundable portion, or $200, is due 24 hours after you have signed your lease.

Why is the deposit broken up into two charges?

  • We break up the $350 deposit into two charges: $150 and $200. The $200 you get back and the $150 is non-refundable, and it covers carpet cleaning, 2 hours of professional cleaning, air filters, light bulbs, and other light maintenance including nail holes.

What is the $9.50 charge on my account?

  • Renter’s insurance. This is very important, especially when you live in a complex with multiple levels. To protect the building and your apartment we suggest getting your own renter’s insurance. It’s easy to bundle with your car insurance privately. If you do not want to get your own, we provide a renter’s liability only policy for $9.50. If by chance you wanted ours but changed your mind and got your own, just update us and we will be happy to remove that charge from your account.

Can I customize a lease or are they all 12 months?

  • We try to offer leases that end with each BYU-Idaho semester. Those months are April, August, & December.

TV, Internet, & Utilities

What is the communication fee? Can I not pay it if I do not use TV or internet?

  • The communication fee is cable and internet bundled together. We offer 100 mbps of personal internet and over 50 channels of TV. Both services are wired through the apartment and cannot be shut off, therefore, the fee is mandatory. This fee is not hidden, just broken up from your rent so you know where your payment is going each month. It is in the lease and you can ask us any questions about it!

How do I set up my cable and internet?

  • For cable, you will need a cable cord to plug into your TV and the wall. For your internet, you will need a router to plug into our modems. We recommend a dual-band router of any brand. NetGear does not seem to work well with our internet so we recommend trying a different brand. You will set up your router based on the directions on the box.

Why do I need to set up my gas/electric services? What happens if I turn my gas/electric off?

  • We do require that all tenants have the gas and electric in their own names. This helps track usage amounts per apartment. You are responsible to pay each company every month for how much gas and electricity you use.

The internet was down OR the cable went out, can I get a refund?

  • The Village does not control the internet and cable. Rather, they are operated by their own companies that are here to help you! Upon move in, you will receive a card with their information if you have any questions.

What utilities do you cover? What utilities do tenants pay for?

  • We cover water, sewage, and trash. Tenants are responsible for gas and electric through Intermountain Gas and Rocky Mountain Power. Our tenants pay roughly $40-$60 each month for gas and electric combined.

Pets & Animals

Nobody told me OR I didn’t know that I needed to get my pet pre-approved. Why is this?

  • In your lease, you agree to not bring an animal of any kind onto the property without written approval from the Office. This applies even if your pet sitting. We are happy to work out a plan with you, just come talk with us!

Why does my dog have to be kenneled when I am not home?

  • In your pet addendum, you agree to have your pets kenneled. This protects the apartment when you’re not there to watch your pets. It also protects our maintenance team from potential injury should they have to enter your apartment.

Can I have more than one animal/pet in my apartment?

  • You will need to fill out a pet application. Every animal is taken on a case-by-case basis. Please visit with the property manager and present your case to be considered if you are concerned. We are willing to work with you.

Parking & Community

Is parking free?

  • We have one reserved spot for each apartment on the property. We also have an ample amount of visitor parking, where any other vehicles can go. We do not limit the number of cars you bring onto the property. Parking is all free.

How far away is the BYU-Idaho Campus?