Garden Boxes at The Village

Garden Boxes at The Village for you to use this summer!

The Village offers many amenities to cater to our wonderful residents. No matter what your extra wants or needs are, The Village wants to keep you covered. This week, we want to spotlight one of our favorite extras here at The Village, which is our Community Garden Boxes. Tenants can rent a plot each Spring/Summer season and grow all the fruits and vegetables they would like. We have 16 plots that can be rented each year. All you need to do is come in to our office and we will help you out. It costs $20 to rent half a box for the whole summer or $40 to rent the entire box for the whole summer.

Now for some tips to make that plot of land really come to life. If you are planning on planting from seed, it is almost the perfect time to plant. The best time is in April and right after the last frost of the season. April is a great month to plant lots of different things: beans, beets, cabbage, carrots, corn, cucumbers, herbs, lettuce, melons, onions, peas, peppers, summer squash, and tomatoes. May is still a great time to plant because it is not too late and a little warmer. Start planning now, because by June it might be too late in the season to plant as many things. If you are planting seeds, using a seed starter will give you the best results, or just go to a local nursery and get your plant of choice already started. If you want to find some great items to plant or need some tips, head over to Paradise Nursery in Rexburg!

Just knowing that you grew the food that you are eating can be really exciting. No matter what you are growing though, make sure that you clean it before eating. We are excited for you here at The Village to conquer this exciting adventure of growing your own food in our garden boxes. Come in and talk to us today about renting a plot this season.

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