How to decorate for Halloween when you live in an apartment

It’s nearly October, which for many of us brings memories of our parents frantically redecorating the entire house every month for the rest of the year. But here in Rexburg, most of us aren’t looking to scare the chocolate right out of the neighborhood kids. We don’t have yards where we can set up guillotine displays or hanging skeletons. We’re just looking for simple ways to add some festivity around the apartment to help get in the spirit.

Here are five ways to add some Halloween vibes to your apartment this October:

Add Spooky Décor to Your Door

Here at The Village, your front door opens to the outside, making it a great place to showcase your Halloween spirit. This opportunity lets you get creative with how you can decorate. Pick up some craft supplies and turn your front door into a mummy or ghost at hardly any cost. Add some easy to remove adhesives of snakes or insects and add some of those cotton spider webs!

Orange You Glad it’s October?

Orange is the official color of autumn, right? If you answered that with anything but a resounding “Yes!” then you’re wrong. The bright hue signifies the fall season is here and that it’s time to start stocking up on candy. Add some orange pillows to your couch, or a few orange candles and not only will guests notice the Halloween feel but so will you! And don’t be afraid to go all out, the more orange, the better!

A New Kind of Jack-o’-lantern

It’s 2018, we don’t need to mess around with trying to turn Christmas lights into Halloween decorations — plus it’s a waste of electricity.  So start thinking about a jack-o’-lantern. Pumpkins obviously are a great choice, but if you don’t really like the texture of pumpkin guts, and are more interested in finding ways for your décor to stick out, try something new. Did you know that you can also carve and illuminate a pineapple, potatoes, squash, oranges and turnips? We think the pineapple looks especially festive! Plus, you can eat the pineapple!

Leave Something for the Neighbors

If you’re just looking for something easy and small, try a Halloween doormat. They’re usually pretty affordable and literally require zero effort. If you want to spice it up a little, add some witch legs under your welcome mat or have them coming out of a planter.  If you want to be a little more interactive, place some treats in a bowl and check to see if the FedEx guy snags any when he drops of your next Amazon package.

Don’t Forget to Dress up

But, undoubtedly the best ways to make your home memorable on Halloween is to dress up! Get into the mood with your favorite costume or create a fun, family-themed idea! We’re still in Rexburg, so you might not get many trick-or-treaters, but it’ll still be fun to get in character.


Hopefully, you can find something fun and easy on this list to try this year. Get some spooky vibes going on in your apartment and nobody will even notice how much candy you’re eating on a daily basis. Let us know what you like best and share some photos with us on Instagram. Can’t wait to see everyone’s creativity!