How To Make The Best Use Of Your Living Space

Whether you live in one of our Chelsea studios or a two-bedroom St. Germain, making the best use of your space is something we all could do a little more of.

Luckily, hacking the heck out of your apartment to create an organized, stylish living space that doesn’t feel cluttered is easier than you’d think.

Check out these tips to transform your apartment into a forever home.

Hang Your Lights

Proper lighting is important but standing and side table lamps can start to make things feel cluttered, especially in smaller apartments. A DIY hanging lamp can help free up space and give your home a creative flare that won’t make the neighbors wonder if you forgot to take down your Christmas lights.

Get Under The Bed

Dressers can take up a lot of space and be a bit of an eyesore in the bedroom. On the other hand, storage beds are great pieces of multi-purpose furniture. Sticking some shelves under the bed is an effective way to tuck away your clothes or even spare bedding.

Pick a Palette

Too many colors can make a room feel busy and conflicted. Try keeping things to a minimum and find pieces that will complement each other. The Village’s floor plans are a perfect canvas for decorating with warm, earthy or neutral tones. Greys, blacks and whites are timeless and will give your living space a classy, professional feel.

Mirror on the Wall

Although it might seem like a bulky decoration choice, using mirrors to create the illusion of more space is a great way to open up a room. Find a spot where it can reflect on a large portion of the apartment. You’ll be shocked at what a difference it can make.

Put it in the Trunk

Instead of a coffee table, try finding a vintage looking trunk to store your stuff. This can help keep your couch free of blankets and pillows, TV remotes, reading materials or anything else that might make your living space seem cluttered or messy.

Climb the Ladder… Shelf

Since you can’t drill holes in walls or put up your own shelves without risking losing your deposit, try adding a ladder shelf. These multi-use pieces are decorative and efficient, giving you somewhere else to put things without taking up valuable living space.

Kitchen Magnetism

The cool thing about kitchen utensils is they can double as wall art.  Getting a magnet strip to hang your knives above the sink or oven frees up drawer space and gives your kitchen an edgy vibe that might make your guests wonder if you’re the next Master Chef.


From illusions to color schemes, there are countless ways to de-clutter, decorate and make the best use of your space. Turning nothing into something takes a little bit of work, but with practice, a simple apartment can become a comfortable place to call home.

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