How To Navigate Married Housing In Rexburg

Looking to get married in the next few months? Well, heads up, married housing in Rexburg may have some stigmas and reputations, but ignore them. While we believe that The Village can meet all your needs, especially those looking for pet friendly apartments, we understand that there is a lot to choose from.

You will be able to find great housing and afford it. If this is your first time outside of renting from single student housing, it’s okay to be nervous. Let’s figure out together what you can actually expect to pay and which amenities are worth it.

The Village is great married student housing in Rexburg
The Village

Utility bills aren’t hidden fees

This is the biggest difference from jumping from student housing to community housing: you will need to pay for electricity, water, sewage, and gas. Maybe. Some apartments will cover all utilities, and others will pick and choose what tenants pay.


A typical electric bill for an apartment with about 300–400 square-feet in Rexburg can run anywhere from $20–30 a month. If you have electric heating and would like to keep your toes in the winter, this can run up to $30–50 in the colder months.


If your apartment requires you to pay gas, make a note of which appliances are powered by gas. Your gas bill will be lower in the summer months, averaging from $10 in the summer to $30 in the winter. Remember, however, that bigger spaces will cost more to heat (or keep cool). Older places can cost more as well because the insulation may not be as effective as it was when first installed who knows how long ago.


Most apartment complexes will include internet, but if they don’t, it is up to you to purchase your own router and internet plan. A decent router can cost anywhere from $50-$150, but you can often find used routers on Facebook Marketplace or on Craigslist. A basic high-speed internet plan will cost around $45 a month. Again, that price can vary depending on who you choose as your provider.

Married housing amenities to consider

Again, we believe in being transparent. While we may not have all of these amenities these are things that we believe some couples may want to consider.

Covered Parking

If you’ve experienced winters in Rexburg, you know that covered parking can be a relief. If you are married and now have greater responsibilities, like earlier work hours or children, not having to scrape snow off of your car is a huge bonus. Whether it’s a parking garage, regular garage, or a simple overhang, it’s nice to keep the snow and rain off your vehicle.

Furnished and Semi-Furnished Apartments

With couches, televisions, bed frames, and occasionally even mattresses included with the apartment, students can save hundreds up front if they can’t afford furniture. These apartments are also great if you move frequently and have little desire to move a bed and couch across the country.

In-Apartment Washer and Dryer

Are you expecting a child or expecting your current child to make a mess every twenty minutes? Fear you’ll have to keep soiled clothing in a bucket under your bed until laundry day? Try to find an apartment with a washer and dryer in the unit. The convenience is worth the extra few dollars on your water bill or rent each month.


Not many complexes in Rexburg are pet-friendly, but those that allow pets often require a non-refundable deposit for each pet and then a monthly fee on top of that. If you’re an avid pet owner, these prices may seem steep, but it provides the funding to keep the apartments looking and smelling great for years to come. If you are looking for pet-friendly complexes, look right here at yours truly, The Village.

Affording Rent

Idaho’s minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, so even if you work 20 hours a week and attend school full-time, you still only make $580 a month before taxes. If your spouse works the same hours at the same rate, you will still averagely spend 66% of your combined unadjusted income on rent. If you struggle or know you will struggle to pay your bills every month, you may qualify for low-income housing, which is subsidized for your unique financial needs. Check if you qualify for low-income housing here.

Living month-to-month can be difficult. So we encourage all those searching for housing to use sound financial judgment when choosing your new place. Do the math and make sure you can afford it. The last thing you want is to fall behind on your rent.

Here at The Village, we work hard to work with all of our tenants. While our prices are set and don’t change per situation, we do appreciate an open dialogue. We sincerely want to help our tenants find solutions and do what’s best for them. If you would like to contact us or schedule a tour, you can do so by call us at 208-356-7786 or submitting a contact form right here on our site.