How to Spend the Last Weekend of Summer

For many of us, this weekend is the last one we get before we go back to school. Soon, homework and cooler weather will start to work their way into our Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and our weekend routines will resultantly be modified. So, you could spend the weekend sulking and dreading the start of a new semester, or you could the last weekend of summer a perfect one. If you like the sound of the latter option better than the first, check out these tips on how to make it happen!

Get Together with Friends

Summer is too good a thing to celebrate without friends. As you pay tribute to the past few months and the fun you had during them, don’t do it alone! Grab your phone right now (or perhaps when you’ve finished reading), call a friend or two, and plan to do something fun together. As schedules get more difficult and more complicated, it may be harder to do things with your friends. Don’t miss the opportunity this weekend presents!

Get Outdoors

When it’s negative 20 degrees outside and there are several feet of snow on the ground, you’ll want to look back to this time of the year knowing you took advantage of it – not wishing you’d done more. As of now, the weekend forecast looks pretty sunny, and the smoke may be reduced due to moisture surrounding areas will hopefully get. You should definitely take your activities outside this weekend!

Get Some Sleep

Don’t sleep the weekend away, but seriously, get some rest! You don’t want to start a new semester off tired. Also, take a nap. You may still get to sleep in now and then after school kicks up, but naps are less common with a busy school and work schedule. Sunday afternoon may be the perfect time for you to grab a few midday Z’s.

Get Ready

Don’t be unprepared for the new semester. Take a little bit of time this weekend to get everything set for classes. Make sure your textbooks are ordered or reserved. Get any notebooks, paper, pens, or other supplies you need. Furthermore, you should definitely check your I-learn! Some professors assign tasks that are due the first day of class, before class. Yes, it’s cruel, but it’s a reality. Make sure to know if you have any assignments due before class and avoid starting the semester with an F.

Don’t Get Psyched Out

This can be a stressful time of year for a lot of people. Summer weather lovers may get devastated knowing they won’t see their favorite season for another nine months or so. Students may dread going back to classes. Whatever your situation may be, don’t let yourself get psyched out over the weekend. Be confident, know that it’s going to be okay, and make the very best of the transition.   We’re sure that if you take our advice, this weekend will be the perfect last weekend of summer. Now all that’s left is to get to it!