How to Survive a Rexburg Winter

Let’s talk about Rexburg winters. We all remember that winter it was colder here than it was Antartica. It gets COLD here. No doubt about it. Here at The Village, we wanted to help you beat the cold by creating some helpful tips for this iceberg that we are about to hit!  


Don’t be that person who still wears their holey jeans. We get it, they’re cute. But please, you are going to get frostbite. It’s time to bust out the wool socks, boots, winter coats, scarfs, and hats. Oh, the love I have for beanies. It’s the best time of the year. Be aware of your body. Make sure you cover up and stay warm, whether you are walking from your car to class, or even scraping off your car. Bundle up!

Hot Drinks!

I am the kind of person that feels cold all the time. My apartment might be set at 70 degrees, but I’m freezing! Your body just needs to warm up from the inside. Here is a list of DELICIOUS hot drinks to stay warm!

  • Hot chocolate — classic
  • Crio bru — a great alternative of coffee. Made from Cocoa beans. And SO GOOD!!
  • Tea
  • Hot Cider
  • Perro
  • Coffee

Keep your apartment warm!

Home is your safe zone, and don’t let your safe zone drop below 60 degrees! You run the risk of freezing your pipes! And that would be bad, bad, bad! Keep your temp at a constant. And if you leave for a time, leave your thermostat set to a degree above 60 degrees. 66 or 67 degrees is a great temp. Make sure that all of your windows are closed and sealed up for the winter. If you have an extra bedroom that serves as a storage room, shut the vent so you aren’t wasting electricity trying to heat a vacant room.

Prepare your Car!

With the weather so cold, you need to be aware that your car will be different than what you are used to. Your car will be completely frozen, sometimes from the inside and out. Always allow for extra time to get ready and drive to your destination. Your car needs to warm up before being driven in the negative degree weather. Start your car early to allow for it to defrost. Snowy, slick roads will take extra time to drive on, so be cautious and careful. It may also be a good idea to always keep your car filled up with gas and to have an extra blanket in the trunk in case of emergencies, especially in the 0-degree weather. Remember that you are responsible for shoveling your own parking spot. Be sure to get a good shovel and plenty of Ice Melt. Park one foot away from curb for snow plow