We love having pet-friendly apartments! But it’s important to remember no one likes a dirty home from hairy pets. Here are tips on how to keep a clean home with your hairy pet.

Hair is Everywhere- Groom, Groom, GROOM!

Whether it be your new puppy, a cat, or your best friend dog, hair is everywhere! The first step into making sure your apartment is clean, is to manage your pet’s hair. Groom your cat or dog regularly to lessen the problem of floating hairs everywhere. Another thing you can do to ensure hair doesn’t get everywhere, is before washing the towel or blanket your dog or cat sits on, shake it off outside, then throw it in the wash!

Have your dog’s nails trimmed regularly to avoid scratches on the floors, cabinets, bed frames, etc.

It never hurts to have a couple of tape or lint rollers laying around the home! This can help reduce hair from your clothing and blankets.

A Clean Pet Makes a Clean Home!

If you are a frequent dog-walker, then this next tip is for you! Before leaving your apartment with your pet, leave a soaked towel in a container filled with some water, by your doorstep. When you return from your outdoor activity, your dog and clean his paws before entering your clean floors!

If your dog does his business on your carpet, clean it immediately! There are different solutions and cleaners to make right at home to help with the stain.

When picking out new furniture, look for “high grade” or “tightly woven” to ensure nothing gets torn up.

Place a mat under food bowl to keep the floor around it clean. Besides, no dog minds formal dining!

Remember,  a clean pet makes a clean home!