Read Across America Day!

Happy belated, Read Across America Day from The Village! This Seussical tradition was started by the National Education Association in March of 1997, to honor the beloved Dr. Seuss’s birthday, and make it a grand day to celebrate reading. This tradition has captivated many and has grown and grown. Last year, the National Education Association received 988 pledges for different events in the 50 states of America, as well as in 11 new and extra locations abroad. Many have caught the spirit of this magical, educational event and are using it to inspire others.

Reading can play such an important role in the life of a child. To a child, a book is not just the pages that are turned, but it allows their imaginations and creativity grow, as their minds take-off on different adventures through their reading. Think about your favorite book and the impact it had on your life. I’m sure that book is now wrinkled and worn showing many tattered pages because you took it on your favorite daydreams while still in your youth. Possibly that book even shaped some of the goals that you have for yourself in this life. Being well-read helps with cognitive thinking skills and processing, as well as writing skills and comprehension. Books make a distinct difference by adding so much value, not just isolated to helping our children only do well succeeding in school, but give the ability to open up the windows of their minds and to learn to love reading for a life-time.

The National Education Association had the right idea, when they wanted to celebrate books and the wonderful impact they make on our lives forever. With this added incentive and motivation of this special day, you are just a turn of a page away from your next adventure…so just go and find your next book! Maybe next year, on March 2nd you can dress-up with a little Seussical inspiration and celebrate Read Across America Day! Happy Reading from The Village!


read across america day