Safe Travels on Winter Roads this Christmas

With the Christmas season just a few days away, everyone will be hustling and bustling to get home for the holidays. Here at The Village, we want everyone to make it home safe and sound this Christmas! Driving on snow covered roads can be dangerous so make sure you are ready and prepared to make your trip home. Here are just a few safety tips to remember before making your journey home.


Scrape Car Windows

Although it is annoying, scraping your frozen car windows is very important. Make sure to scrape both the front and back windows so that you can see the cars in front of you along with the cars behind you. Don’t’ scrape just enough for you to barely see out the window. Scraping your car windows will help eliminate blind spots so that you can travel safe.

winter roads


Always Wear Your Seatbelt

Wearing your seatbelt is something that you should always do, no matter the time of the year. This winter, especially make sure to buckle up and wear your seatbelt. Driving in snow can be dangerous and it is important to always be safe. Accidents are more prone during the winter due to the icy roads. Make sure to keep yourself safe by buckling up!

winter driving


Avoid Driving When Tired

Trying to balance your life with school, work, finals, and dating can be a lot. Let’s just say that by the end of the semester, everyone looks like zombies walking around campus. Sleep is something that you tend to get less and less of the closer you get to the break. Make sure to not let this lack of sleep affect your driving. Instead, make safe driving plans so that you can be alert and aware on the roads. If you’re too tired to drive, maybe take a power nap beforehand or get a good nights sleep and start your drive early the next morning.

winter driving


Keep Gas Tank at Least Half Full

You never know when something could suddenly go completely wrong. To help keep yourself safe this winter, make sure to always keep your gas tank at least half full. You may get lost, get stuck or even find yourself in an accident. It is always wise to have gas in your car to help keep you warm. Keeping a blanket in your trunk is another wise think to carry during these cold winter months.

winter driving

No Cruise Control on Slippery Roads

As much as we all love cruise control, we need to remember to be very careful driving with it during the winter. It’s hard to see when the roads are icy and you never know when you might hit some black ice. If you can tell the roads are snowy and icy, you may not want to risk it driving with your cruise control on. Instead be alert and aware by driving with your foot on the gas and keeping close to the breaks.

winter driving


Drive Slowly

The most important key to driving safe during the winter is to DRIVE SLOW! Many people think that they can still go the speed limit or drive as fast as they normally would. You need to remember to allow yourself extra time wherever you go. Driving in the snow takes more time and you need to be more cautious than you think. When accelerating and decelerating, make sure to do both of those slowly as well.

winter driving


Know Your Brakes

Many people underestimate the power of their breaks during the winter months. When driving, it is your first instinct to slam on the breaks when you suddenly need to stop. Although this was a great idea in the summer, it’s not during the winter. Slamming on your breaks can cause you to slide or spin out. Remember to go slow and to decelerate slower. When decelerating, pump your breaks. Pumping your breaks can keep your car from sliding or spinning out. As long as your take things slow, you should be fine!

winter driving