Small Steps for a Big Change

It’s about that time again to start your spring cleaning, but why wait!  You probably spend a lot more time inside right anyway so why not start early?  Use these four methods to get you started on decluttering your apartment so that when spring rolls around, you can just get outside and enjoy the weather.

Give away an item each day

If you’re a slower paced and patient person unlike me, choose an item to get rid of every day.  Whether it means throwing away that dead plant on the window sill or taking that shirt you haven’t worn in a year to DI, get rid of something.  The decluttering process will be much slower with this method, but for some people, it might also be more bearable.

Make a list of areas to declutter

You can be as detailed and specific as you want when it comes to creating your personal list.  Start with the smaller places like under the kitchen sink, the top shelf of your closet, under the bed, or that junk drawer in the kitchen.  Choose a project and stick with it until it is done and then stop.  You may find yourself in a decluttering frenzy after completing one project but it’s important to take a break.  Taking a break from decluttering will help you from falling into the, “Get rid of everything!” mindset.

Fill a trash bag each day

This option is for those feeling slightly more adventurous than ‘an item a day’ but less committed than tackling a project on your list.  Grab a trash bag and fill it up.  You might fill it with things to throw away, or with things to give away.  Maybe you have a bin full of old clothes to go through.  You might have some old food in your pantry and fridge that needs clearing out.  Imagine how much cleaner and clutter free your apartment would feel if you filled a trash bag a day for a week!

Oprah Winfrey closet hanger experiment

Everyone has tried the method of decluttering by getting rid of clothes that haven’t been worn in a year.  If you’ve tried this method you have probably found yourself justifying keeping items of clothing and holding onto old things with sentimental value.  The sure fire to inspire honesty with yourself in regards to clothes you actually wear is the closet hanger experiment.  Hang all of your clothes so that the hangers are backwards.  For 6 months or a year, whenever you wear an item of clothing hang it back up with the hanger the correct way.  At the end of your chosen amount of time, any hanger that is still backwards needs to go.  If you do the 6-month challenge, you may have to rule out getting rid of seasonal clothes depending on where you live