Start Prepping for Spring: Spring Bucket List

Now that the sun is out and the snow has finally melted, spring is officially here to stay! The weather forecast shows warmer weather which means it’s time to spend your days outside. Don’t know what to do to enjoy this nice spring weather? No worries, we’ve got ideas just for you! Here are some of our top ideas for you to cross off your bucket list this spring!  

Go for a Bike Ride

Enjoy the warm sunshine by going on a bike ride! Grab your family or friends and head outside to enjoy the nice weather on a relaxing bike ride. Ride to the park and meet up with friends to play some games. Cruise around town as you go exploring. Find a tandem bike and make it a date! Whatever you decide to do, have fun as you enjoy a fun bike ride this spring!

spring bucket list

Have a Picnic

Head to the park for a yummy picnic. Pack a bag of sandwiches with some snacks to share. Lay down a blanket and enjoy the nice warm sunshine. You can also fire up the outdoor grill and start grilling some hotdogs and hamburgers. Make sure to invite your family and friends over for a fun outdoor picnic this spring!

spring bucket list

Go on a Hike

There’s nothing better than getting some fresh air! Grab some friends and head out on a warm afternoon to go on a hike. Explore beautiful views of nature as you go on this fun adventure. You can try different hikes around Rexburg such as hiking R Mountain or Cress Creek. Hike to the top of R Mountain and enjoy the view of the city below. You can also hike Cress Creek  which gives you a breathtaking view of the river. Enjoy the view from the top or go explore alongside the river by crossing the bridge. Make sure to add hiking to your bucket list! spring bucket list  

Roast S’mores

You’re going to want s’more of this! Enjoy the warm evenings by roasting some delicious s’mores. Make sure you have graham crackers, chocolate and some marshmallows! You might need to bring some fire wood as well. Once the fire is going, start roasting the marshmallows and making your gooey s’mores. Enjoy the evening under the stars with your friends. You’ll want to be sure that roasting s’mores is on your bucket list this spring!

spring bucket list

Watch the Sunrise

You can’t beat a more beautiful site than watching the sunrise in the morning. Wake up early, dress warm and head somewhere to watch the sunrise over the mountains. Pack a small breakfast to eat as you enjoy watching the breathtaking sunrise. If you’re up for an adventure, then hike somewhere like the top of R Mountain to watch the sun come up. This is the perfect activity to add to your spring time bucket list!

spring bucket list

Go to a Drive-In Movie

Now that it’s spring, the Drive-In is officially open! Open Friday and Saturday evenings, Teton-Vu Drive-In here in Rexburg is calling your name. Grab a carload of your friends and head to see an outdoor movie at the Drive-In. Don’t forget to fill your car with pillows, couches and blankets. Enjoy watching a movie under the stars this spring! Don’t forget to cross it off your bucket list after you go!

spring bucket list

Make Homemade Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream. What’s even better is some delicious homemade ice cream. All you need are some Ziploc bags, rock salt, half and half, sugar, vanilla and ice! Follow the simple recipe to get your Ziploc bags all ready to go. Then start shaking! Once the ice cream has hardened, grab a spoon and start eating! We promise this is definitely something that needs to be added to your spring bucket list!

spring bucket list

Fly a Kite

The sun is out which means it’s time to head to the park to fly a kite. You’ll want a day that is a little windy or breezy to help fly your kite. Get a date or invite some friends. Take turns flying the kite up high in the sky. This is a fun spring bucket list activity that you’ll want to cross off of your list!

spring bucket list

Play Kickball

Got a group of people but don’t know what to do? Tell everyone to come dressed in workout clothes with their tennis shoes. Head to the park or to the upper fields to play a fun game of kickball! Make bets and the losing team has to buy ice cream cones for the winners. This is a free activity to add to your bucket list this spring!

spring bucket list

Grill Outside

There is nothing better then some delicious grilled kabobs this spring. Grab some pineapple, green peppers, chicken, and a red onion to make some yummy Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs! Lather with different spices as you grill your kabobs. Once they are done cooking, enjoy eating your finger-licking-good kabobs! We promise you’ll want to add this to your spring bucket list more than once!

spring bucket list