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3 Reasons to Host a Pumpkin Carving Night

   1. Awesome way to get to know your neighbors! How well do you know your neighbors? Need an excuse to hang out with them? Invite everyone around you to a pumpkin carving night! You can swap ideas, chat while you cut – oh, and laugh together when they…

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4 Tips for the Ultimate Backyard BBQ

1. Plan the Meal Beforehand There is nothing worse than showing up to a barbecue not knowing what to bring or who is bringing what. Are you flying solo with the meal or is it a combined effort. Here’s an easy checklist of distributing what’s needed: -M…

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How To Host The Perfect Movie Night

With the weather getting warmer (finally!), the grass drying out, and the weekend approaching, we have all the right tips to help you have a little more fun! Whether it’s just you and your date, or a group of friends, we’re going to talk about all the…

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