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How to Survive a Rexburg Winter

Let’s talk about Rexburg winters. We all remember that winter it was colder here than it was Antartica. It gets COLD here. No doubt about it. Here at The Village, we wanted to help you beat the cold by creating some helpful tips for this iceberg that w…

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How to Have Fun in the Rexburg Winter

Sitting at home all comfy and cozy on the couch doesn’t sound too bad, especially when all you see out of the window is what looks like neverending snowfall. But what about those days you are dying to get out of your apartment, and do something fun?! L…

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Safe Travels on Winter Roads this Christmas

With the Christmas season just a few days away, everyone will be hustling and bustling to get home for the holidays. Here at The Village, we want everyone to make it home safe and sound this Christmas! Driving on snow covered roads can be dangerous so…

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