The Ultimate Small Gift Guide 2019 – 20 Gifts for $20 or Under

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Are you participating in a gift swap this year, and just have no idea what to get your secret someone? Here’s our list of 20 awesome holiday gifts for under $20!

Disclaimer: The Village does not receive a commission if you buy items off this list – we just think they’re neat presents to get someone for a Secret Santa or white elephant exchange!

Secret Santa Gift Ideas:

Just some nice, normal, cute gifts to get someone at school, church, or the office!

Mini Cactus Humidifier – $15 from Amazon.  This mini humidifier would be perfect for that work friend of yours who loves to keep their office space clean and healthy. Plus, it’s so cute!


The Grinch Silicone Spatula – $17 from Williams Sonoma.  Do you have any major How the Grinch Stole Christmas lovers in your life? Get them this spatula to cheer them up even when they’re in their grumpiest moods.


Adorable Avocado Christmas Tree Ornament – $7 from Etsy. Okay, how sweet is this? The tiny avocados. Those cute little reindeer antlers. That adorable winter scarf! How could you say no to such friendly ornaments?


Cute Weekly Planner Pad – $12 from Amazon. Perfect for that Type A friend in your life who just thrives on productivity.


Tiled Monogram Mug – $12 Anthropologie. Want to get someone a simple gift that’s still customizable? Why not grab them a monogram mug with their first initial on the outside? It shows that you specifically thought of them but is still super easy to order online.


10×10″ Felt Letter Board – $15 from Amazon. Felt letter boards are better than plastic letter boards. There, we said it! You can grab one here from Amazon for only $15 and it comes with the board, character set, custom tripod stand, and a wall mount hanger, all made from high quality oak!


Mini Waffle Maker – $10 from Target. It’s small enough that you can sneak to work or class. Just don’t let the smell of cooking batter tip anyone off.


2020 National Parks Calendar – $19 from Paper Source. Grabbing a gift for an adventurous friend or coworker? Or maybe your sister and her husband love exploring the great outdoors! Snatch up one of these US National Park calendars for less than $20.


Retro Wooden Jumanji Game – $20 from Walmart. Ahh, the epitome of 90’s nostalgia. Anyone who loved the original Jumanji are going to love this gift just as much.


100 Movie Scratch off Poster – $15 from Amazon. Perfect for that special movie buff in your life.

White Elephant Gift Ideas:

Dwight Schrute Sequin Pillow – $10 from Amazon. Okay, starting off our funny list is this hilarious Dwight Schrute sequin pillow. Just flip it over to the sparkly side when strangers come over. Or not, and show them how much you love The Office.


2020 Corgi Bum Calendar – $17 from Etsy. Who doesn’t love a good corgi tush? This will surely get a chuckle out of your friends.


Personalized Custom Face Socks – $18 from Etsy. Your best friend will crack up when they get this gift. Granted, nobody might swap with them if you’re hosting a white elephant party, but who would want to give these bad boys up anyway?


World’s Smallest Vacuum – $15 from Urban Outfitters. For tiny messes.


Burrito Blanket – $20 on sale from Knit First. Just like how bears hibernate during the cold, your friend will live out their winter, fulfilling some long-lost dream of becoming a Taco Bell entree.


Nachosaurus Nacho & Taco Dinosaur Holder – $13 from Amazon. Totally useless, but totally worth it.


Clip-On Selfie Ring Light – $9 from Amazon. For that friend of yours who posts everything on the ‘Gram. They’ll love you so much for giving them something that keeps them looking glamorous wherever they go.


Darth Vader Ice Cube Maker – $17 from Williams Sonoma. Sit back, relax, and drink your favorite beverage with these Darth Vader ice cubes. May the force be with you.


Hilarious Dad Bod Fanny Pack – $11 from Amazon. A little gross, but totally useful. This fanny pack is scientifically guaranteed to get you all the ladies.


Lump of Coal Bar Soap – $7 from Target. What better way to tell your friends they’re on the naughty list than with a lump of coal? Luckily, this bad boy is actually an activated charcoal bar of soap, which will help keep their skin smooth and clean.


That’s it, folks! 20 holiday gift ideas, all for $20 or less. Some funny, some practical, all totally worth it. If you liked this list, be sure to share it on Facebook!