New Dog Park at The Village

Here at The Village, we are a pet friendly apartment complex that has a new dog park. We love our residents and their pets, which is why we just finished upgrading our outdoor park. This is located to right of the clubhouse and allows for your pets to exercise, play and run free. Unleash your pets and let them enjoy an afternoon at The Village Dog Park. Just remember to be safe and follow the dog park rules.


Dog Park Rules

Although we wish everyone and their dogs could have access to this park,  is for tenants only. That’s why living at The Village has its perks. Bring your dog to the park and let them enjoy getting their wiggles out. The park is never closed, but always accessible for residents and their dogs. Just remember to be respectful and clean up after your dogs.

dog park



Keep you and your dogs safe at the park. Before going to the park, watch and see how your dog interacts with others. A dog park is a great place for dogs to get some exercise and learn social skills. Before unleashing your dog, make sure your dog is safely inside the gated area. Be careful taking smaller dogs to a dog park that has larger dogs. Overall, be considerate of other dogs as you allow your dog to run free within the park.

dog park


Dog Park Amenities

We care about your pets, which is why we upgraded the park with toys your dogs will love! Let your dogs run free within the gated park and play on the tires. Your dogs can also play with the tether-ball pole and balls provided in the dog park. When it’s hot outside, we have a sprinkler that allows your dogs to cool off while playing in the water. Bring your dogs to the park today!

dog park


Dog Park Etiquette

– Clean up after your dog

– Don’t allow your dog to bully others

– Supervise your dog

– Make sure your dog has good manners

– Be careful about bringing small children into the park

– Keep puppies under the age of 4 months at home

dog park


Have Fun!

Dogs love to run around and have fun. Instead of letting them stay cooped up in your apartment, bring them to the dog park instead. Here at The Village, our dog park is the perfect place for your pets. The park is fully enclosed and has designated dog waste areas. Let your dog off it’s leash and allow it to run and play. Bring a Frisbee or ball to throw and play catch with your dog. Once you see how much your dog will love it, you’ll have to go back!

dog park


Why We Expanded

Since we are a pet friendly apartment in Rexburg, we know that a lot of our residents have pets. We originally had a smaller dog park for the residents to use. However, after seeing how many dogs loved and enjoyed playing in the park, we decided to expand it. The newer dog park is double the size! It’s a park that your dogs will love to come to!

dog park