Tips For Non-Destructive Decorating

Non-Destructive Decorating

Non-destructive decorating is possible. Just imagine walking into a new apartment or home. The walls are empty. The room is bare. You are excited to start making your new place your own. The question is, how you do that without causing damage to your home that could be costly? Here are a few tips and tricks to decorating your new place or sprucing up the home you already have. With these following tips you can be successful in creating the home you have always dreamed of having.

White Space is Good

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In art, white space is good. Simplicity is beauty. In a way, how we decorate our homes is art. This does not mean that everything has to be white or just one color. It simply means that it is important to not overcrowd things or over decorate. Empty space and simple decorations are great when decorating your home.

Color is Key

Simplicity is important in non-destructive decorating but that does not mean that you can not have fun with some color. When decorating, it is important to remember that color is key. The colors you chose depends on you. Depending on your personality and taste, any color can work. That being said, a good rule of thumb is to pick just one color scheme and stick to it.

Decorations Serve a Purpose

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Choosing decorations is where creativity comes in. Decorations can easily become clutter when you do not have a purpose for them. Everything in your home should have a purpose.


One way to make your apartment look bigger is by adding mirrors. Mirrors can be hung on the wall or full-length mirrors can lean against the wall.


Having the right curtain length can make or break your room. Floor length curtains catch the eye upward, create the illusion of height and can make the room appear more spacious.


Being organized doesn’t have to be boring or hard. Cute baskets or crates are a good way to keep your things organized and neat. You can be as messy of as neat as you want when it comes to baskets and crates. You can throw things in or you can fold or roll things up. Regardless being organized with baskets and creates can make a room look more interesting. Jars are another fun way to organize your things and decorate your home. You can keep the jars plain, label the jars, or completely change the look of the jars.

Plants & Greenery

The Village Non-Destructive Decorating 3 Besides being a decoration, plants can be beneficial in many ways. They add a pop of color into the room. Plants are also known to improve your mood and help the way you think and work. They also can help reduce stress, fatigue, and enhance your health. Adding herbs into your plant collection can be used for cooking and generate a nice aroma in your home. Plus, check out o ne of our previous articles about low maintenance plants for your apartment.


Blankets and pillows are always an easy way to add a splash of color that is useful as well. Throw blankets look great and keep us warm.


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Natural light is the best, but anyway to get light in a room is going to benefit your life. Light boosts your energy and improves your mood. You can be creative in the way you add light into your home. Lamps can add light. If you want to have fun with decorating you can always add fairy lights in or around your decorations. Candles are another fun way to lighten a room while adding a unique ambiance.


The colors you use, the plants you include, and other decorations you use are some ways to make your apartment personal. However the simplest way to your make your apartment personal are the use of photos. Personal photos can hide naked walls and add personality to your home. This can be photo collages or a big statement photo or photos throughout the house. Photos also look great on a desk or a shelf.

Live in Your Space

Making your apartment a home is important to your happiness and success. But do not get discouraged thinking that you live in a temporary place that you can not change. If you are moving in for the first time or wanting some change, you can decorate without breaking your bank account or breaking any apartment rules. Just remember that white space it good, color is key, and decorations serve a purpose.