Top 5 Plants To Have In Your Apartment

1. Snake Plant
Are you looking for the ultimate beginner plant to have in your apartment? Snake Plant (aka Sansevieria Trifasciata) can take on weeks of not getting watered while still maintaining its shape. This plant is perfect for places like here in Idaho because it can thrive in environments with very low light. And with places like here in Rexburg Idaho, the long winters are difficult on the green life, so having something that grows without a ton of light and water sounds easy enough!

2. ZZ Plant
This is one tough plant! No need to have your neighbor water your plants while you’re gone for the weekend because these plants are very tolerant of different types of conditions. That includes low light, low humidity, and periods of drought!

3. Iron Plant
Want to add a darker shade of green to your apartment’s aesthetic? Snag an Iron Plant with its lush leaves that calls for your attention as you enter the room. The iron plant grows well in low light indoors and doesn’t need to be watered as much. Although a slow grower, this reliable performer will live for many years, reaching a mature height of around 2 feet.

4. Succulents
Limited on space but still want a little plant life to brighten your apartment? Get the perfect succulent to meet your needs! There are so many to choose from that it is easy to find something that fits your personality, style, and feng shui. Also, watering is a breeze, because you don’t need to give a drink every day. In fact, watering it every day will cause it to die!

5. Bamboo
The last one on our list is none other than the bamboo plant. Only needing water and shade to survive, this awesome plant will grow just fine. In fact, you only need to water it once a week to keep it going strong. There is no need to panic when you forget or are heading out of town for a while!