The time has come when there’s sunshine every day! Those rainy overcast days, for the most part, are over! We are rejoicing now that Rexburg is sticking with springtime. A lot of Rexburgers, Rexburgians, etc., are just waiting and waiting for springtime to come, because of all the fun activities you can do here! What might they be? I am here to tell you some of the top fun springtime activities in Rexburg.    

Photo by Summer Stout


You can feed the ducks and geese right by the pond! You could also take a stroll down the path through the trees. There is a frisbee golf course and plenty of trees for hammocking! If you are a skater, there is also a skate park. Nature Park does not disappoint.


The cutest thing, like ever, in Rexburg is the weekly Farmer’s market. It’s open on Friday evenings, starting at 5 pm and ending around 8 pm. It’s located on the block across from the Snow building from the University’s campus. Here you can see local businesses, a corndog truck, fresh vegetables and flowers, and fun vendors you do not want to miss!  

Photo from Brady Oakey


This may be the absolute best part about the springtime in Rexburg. Here are a few ways you can swim and play in water while soaking up the sun:  

  • Cable Factory
  • Rigby Lake
  • Fall River
  • Packsaddle Lake
  • Monkey Rock
  • Egin Lake

Whether you enjoy paddle boarding, wakeboarding, floating down the river, or even a nice waterfall, there are so many options to be near water!  

Photo from Kelly Wheeler


The Teton Vu Drive-In plays all the new movies you’ll want to see! Don’t have a truck to lay in? You can bring some blankets and pillows and lay on the round, or even bring some camp chairs. Because springtime weather in Rexburg is so nice, it will be perfect to bundle up for a late night movie.

You could also go rock climbing, hiking, or camping! The options are endless. To sum it up, you can pretty much do ANYTHING outside. Enjoy our garden area and show your green thumb! If you’ve gone to any of these places, let us know how fun it was!